Remove perks that enable Police

Recently publicized allegations of assault by police officers, while supposedly looking for drugs, are much more than simple assault allegations. They are acts of aggressive penetration. If you or I did anything similar we would be rapists.

Kent McManigal

Kent McManigal

Is bodily penetration becoming a weapon of choice in the stupid and evil war on politically incorrect drugs?

Texas police began this tactic a few years ago with their road-side syringe assaults to steal blood from drivers — penetrating the body of those they wished to incriminate.

Now New Mexico cops in Deming have overshadowed their Texas brethren, accused in acts of medically assisted gang rape against drivers who weren’t yet sufficiently terrorized, and justified by the 21st Century equivalent of the witch trial: a false “alert” by a drug-sniffing dog.

No individual who commits acts like those alleged in Deming should ever again have any authority over anyone. I would never hire them, nor knowingly do business with anyone who did.

I salute the hospital whose staff, according to court records, wisely recognized that compliance with the police demand was wrong, and refused.

The medical staff at the other hospital, alleged to have assisted police in violation of their medical oaths, should all lose their licenses and be fired if allegations are true.

Such attackers need to be paying their victims out of their own pocket for the rest of their lives. There is no excuse for letting them get away with this, nor for forcing the taxpayers to pay the restitution.

Leo, the drug dog that alerted on command for his handler (and whose certification expired years ago, according to media reports), may need to be retired and rescued from being employed in this vulgar manner.

It’s not enough to make these people face justice; it’s long past time to end that which makes their crimes possible.

Abolishing prohibition, which has become the excuse for just about any violation of individual rights you can imagine, is essential. It was never an ethical endeavor, but has become downright vile.

This is not a case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater — that’s not bathwater, it’s sewage, and those lumps are not a baby.

Next, dismantle the domestic U.S. police state. Return cops to their only legitimate position — one of servitude — and remove all the perks that have emboldened them over the past several decades. Or end the disastrous experiment in policing, altogether.

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