My turn: Thankful for my daily dates

I have this coffee making machine. I reach for a miniature container of coffee, with “Sumatra” printed on the foil top, place it in the contraption, push a button, and out comes a fabulous cup of dark liquid. I add a generous helping of heavy cream. It comes from a bright carton in my refrigerator. It was easy to purchase. I didn’t have to milk a cow.

Sandy Fields

Sandy Fields

While the gadget is taking care of filling my coffee cup, I open a new bag of dates. Their pretty labeling tells me they’re from Tunisia. It takes me a few seconds to find this place on the world map hanging on the wall behind my desk. I wonder if I’ll ever go there, or to Morocco or Turkey.

I begin to think of this amazing feat … getting this wonderful morning treat into my kitchen. Beginning with the date palm growers in Africa and the coffee bean farmers in Indonesia, I try to imagine all the links in the chain. Transporters, factory workers, marketers, store owners, cashiers — everyone doing their part to give me a 50-cent cup of coffee and a handful of delicious dates.

It’s astonishing. I’m spoiled. I’m thankful.


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