List for which to be thankful long one

A few things for which we are thankful during this week of Thanksgiving:

• Portales’ Joe Parie, who’s been helping to feed hungry people and give away coats for a decade. We are surrounded by Joe Paries, of course, and they all seem to have the same attitude he voiced this week: “If the people get blessed half as much as we do, that’s fantastic. It’s an awesome feeling, and it makes life worthwhile here on Earth.”

• Greyhounds. Especially those on the football field. Eastern New Mexico University captured a Lone Star Conference co-championship this season, finishing with a six-game winning streak. The ’Hounds even won the “Wagon Wheel” trophy, beating rival West Texas A&M University, which remains in the playoff hunt. We haven’t seen this much excitement on a local college campus since ENMU won the NAIA national basketball championship in 1969. This was fun, guys. Now, just wait till next year.

• Stores that decided to open on Thanksgiving Day, and stores that decided to stay closed so their employees could be with family. Mostly we’re thankful to live in a place where store owners have options, and so do their customers.

• Water. We’re running out and we know it and we’re scrambling to find future supplies and sometimes we argue with our friends about the best way to secure life’s liquid. But today we’re just thankful we have water when we turn on the faucet.

• Music. From the local marching bands to Lady Gaga and the Air Force’s Tops in Blue, from Buddy Holly’s rock-’n’-roll to today’s sounds of Will Banister, Andy Mason, Keize Montoya and everybody who performs at the Floyd Lions Club Country Jamboree every spring. Music stirs our soul.

• The Internet, where we can easily find hundreds of things for which to be thankful when our football team makes us feel blue. has a list of 60 such things — from parents, family and friends to rainbows, oxygen and books, to best friends, soulmates and you. Yes, you should be thankful for you, as tinybuddha explains: “For being who you are and touching the world with your presence.”

• The men and women of Cannon Air Force Base, be they airmen or civilian staff or contractors. Your vigilance here and throughout the world allow us to be free in uniquely individual and American ways.

• Customers who understand their newspaper may be late when we have a nasty ice storm, followed by 8 inches of snow. We’re also thankful for those who complain when we’re late, for any reason. Either way, being wanted feels grand.

Our list, like yours, can go on for a while, of course. But like most of you, we have turkey and fixings and pie to prepare and gobble up, and friends and family to obliterate in card games, trivia contests and touch football in the back yard.

So, like a good prayer at dinner time, we’ll wrap it up quickly.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Unsigned editorials are the opinion of the Clovis Media Inc. editorial board, which includes Publisher Ray Sullivan and Editor David Stevens. 

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