We abandoned our strongest ally

Donald Trump is correct when he states that our foreign affairs are negotiated by fools and idiots in this country.

This latest debacle negotiation with Iran just proves his statement.

We get nothing for our negotiations and Iran gets billions in relief.

This is reminiscent of Korea during another Democrat administration. Time and time again we would impose sanctions against Korea and they would rattle their swords and we would buckle to their demands and they finally wound up with nuclear weapons.

Every day, we see the Democratic Party is bankrupt of ideas and is leading this nation down a path of destruction economically, socially, morally and politically.

The tide is turning and the American people are finally realizing Democrats are not fit to lead this nation anywhere but down the crapper.

They have engaged in a campaign of lies, deceptions, and deflections to cover for their incompetency and we are sick of it.

With this latest debacle, this president and secretary of state are so desperate to divert attention to their idiocy, they accept any falsehoods and lies the Iranian government says.

Do they not realize how our negotiators are the laughing stock of the entire world and here at home?

In accepting this farce of an agreement, they have stupidly alienated our allies and emboldened our enemies. In all likelihood, a nuclear arms race will ravage the volatile Middle East and Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others will now see they should develop their own nuclear weapons because the U.S. and the rest of the world will not do a thing.

They will see how we’ve abandoned our strongest ally in the area, Israel, and know we will abandon them at the worst possible time.

Douglas Houk


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