Plenty of local present options — Clyde Davis

Here it was, the ideal gift, or should I say the ideal three gifts, found in a local small business (an art gallery located between Clovis and Texico), on Small Business Saturday. The three gifts are the ideal gifts for spouse, stepdaughter, and granddaughter. It’s part of an annual routine … trying to patronize local businesses, small businesses or at least one’s locally owned.

Maybe it’s someone like me; in that case, the archery shop on Sycamore might be a great small, and locally owned, business to patronize for outdoor type presents.

Gift certificates for nails, hair styling, pedicures, etc., can all be purchased so that your loved one can receive his or her grooming from local, and small, businesses.

Speaking of grooming, it’s really a gift to the pet’s human, not the pet, if you buy someone a grooming gift card from a local groomer, almost all of which are small and locally owned. In today’s economy, grooming of pets is sometimes a luxury, and a welcome gift.

Speaking of pets .. well, of course, there are pet stores in town, BUT there are also pets at the Clovis animal shelter that need a home and would make a wonderful Christmas gift for someone. Groups like Hope Defined and Shooke’s Unchained (Facebook or Google them) make heroic efforts to post updated lists of animals available in the shelter. Let me translate: If you’re looking for a particular type of rescue dog or cat — say a Chihuahua or a Siamese —they keep updated postings to help you locate the animal you wish to partner with, and thus rescue a new friend instead of buying from a breeder.

What about a trip — an intangible? One of the better Christmas presents I recall giving was the year I took everyone to Valle Calderas, on Martin Luther King weekend, for a sleigh ride on their horse drawn sleighs. It was like having Christmas a second time — the giving, and the experiencing.

Again, we felt that we were supporting a locally, or at least by New Mexico standards local, endeavor. At any rate, the money you spend at that outdoor wonder does not go to the coffers of a megacorporation in Atlanta, or Hong Kong.

Now for a quick list:

• Nutcracker tickets (if it’s not too late)

• Movie passes.

• A gift card for their favorite coffee shoppe, music store, or even (gasp) a pawn shop, which allows him or her to select a gift of their own choice.

• A trip to Albuquerque to see the biopark light-up nights, or Carlsbad for Christmas on the Pecos, or the Polar Express in Lubbock.

Be creative. Don’t fall into the megastore advertising abyss and overlook locally owned or administrated gifts.

Next week, we’ll explore such local seasonal wonders as our own Hillcrest Zoo in the holiday season.

Clyde Davis is a Presbyterian pastor and teacher at Clovis Christian High School. He can be contacted at:

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