Silly holiday memories made of mishaps — Sandy Fields

Things don’t always go smoothly during the holidays. That’s probably a good thing. What would we do without those silly memories? You know … the ones you learn to laugh about eventually.

One year we were playing the new Connect Four game I’d just received at my grandparents’ house. Meanwhile, my great-aunt loaded up her Christmas goodies in the glossy box and headed for Texas. That game spent the rest of its years stored in a plastic sack. I’m sure you “had to be there”, but that always cracks me up.

Sandy Fields

Sandy Fields

There was the time, when the weather outside was frightful, that our wooden Santa flew off our roof on Kansas Drive, ending up on some other street with a different state name.

I’ve never made flan again after all the caramel sauce ended up in my lap on a bumpy ride to a holiday party one year.

Even Santa Claus has made his blunders. The first year I was married he didn’t put tangerines in my stocking. I choked back the tears with the realization that I was no longer a little girl. Apparently he saw my dismay through the frosty window. He’s been bringing me tangerines ever since.

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