My Turn: Navigate the cones, look here first — Betty Williamson

Portales has had a tough few years.

We may be insulated from the worst of national economic downturns, but the cost of gasoline and groceries affects us all.

Betty Williamson

Betty Williamson

If you have any tie to agriculture — and many of us do — the drought has taken its toll.

The ongoing road construction project — which I firmly believe will eventually turn out to have been worth the hassle — has wreaked havoc on many of our local businesses.

So if you happen to be a procrastinator like me, and you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping (or started it), please navigate the orange cones and obstacle-course sidewalks and look here first.

While you’re in local businesses, notice how many have posters up showing they’re sponsoring sports teams, cheerleaders, BPA chapters and school bands. Flip through your school’s yearbook, and see who dug deep to buy an ad, or champion an organization. Check out the program when you are at an area event, and notice what businesses stepped up as benefactors.

Before you spend your holiday money online or in a different city, consider that Portales city manager Doug Redmond says a dollar circulates about seven times in the community where it is first spent. Your $100 shopping spree is worth $700 to Portales.

Our local businesses have our backs. Let’s return the favor.

Betty Williamson is in denial about the rapid approach of the holidays. You may reach her at





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