Last minute-gifts your demise? Help them accessorize

You have four days left until Christmas and you have yet to figure out what gift to get for your fashionista or even fashionieka.

Just so you know, the fashionieka just lets me know we are on the same page (smiley face).

There are some great style choices for these last-minute shopping decisions. Needless to say, I am a procrastinating shopper myself, but I know a great gift when I see one.

In my last column I suggested accesorizing is a must when dressing up. A great accessory item is your icing on the cake to complete your outfit. So why not give your fashion enthusiast something great to accessorize with?

The first gift of choice is the women’s wristlet or watch. It does not have to cost you a fortune.

You can find up-to-date selections in similar styles when browsing retail shop to shop without breaking the bank. So look around before splurging.

The trend is bulky or a large round face plate. Colors vary but I would go with something versatile for everyday wear.

Don’t go with too much detail either, for example CZ studded or crystal embellished face plates, especially if the purpose is for daily wear. She can always stack bangles, beaded or woven bracelets with her watch if she wants to dress it up a bit.

Another really great gift idea is a big gaudy necklace. You want to find a necklace that will add a little spark to those Jeans and T-shirt but will also compliment that cocktail dress you’re wearing to your next special event. Choose a conversation piece that adds color and style. Big gold chains and/or large vintage-inspired jeweled settings are great.

The last great gift idea is a small evening handbag or clutch purse. We all have the big daytime purses that we lug around on play dates with the kiddos and running errands during the day. But unless she is planning on pulling out a clown outfit or magic tricks from her bag, she is not carrying a big purse to an evening social. So go and get your fashion-forward friend an evening purse that is uniquely her own, that she will be proud to say compliments her glittery manicure.

If she is as busy as I am this is something she will love to pull out when it’s time for that evening social.

Remember to shop for items that have versatility. The receiving party will appreciate being able to get much use from their new dazzle as much as possible. So get over to your nearest or dearest mall and make it happen. Happy Holidays!


D’Nieka Hartsfield is wearing a gold stretch-band watch that she wears virtually every day and she loves it. For more style talk you can reach her at:

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