Letters to Santa

Editor’s Note: One of the best things about Christmas are the many children’s letters to Santa sent to us by the kids or forwarded to us by the U.S. Postal Service for sharing with the community. Sometimes humorous, at times touching, these letters are presented as written by the many children so full of hope and joy this holiday season. Enjoy.




For Chirimstmas I would like a Christ barble please




Dear Santa, My brother has been mean to me (And anoing). I don’t know if you got my last letter I hope you did! if you didn’t this is what I would like

Some close, shoses, books and a NEW PHONE for my bad Johnny.

P.S. If I’m on the nautey list it’s okay because Christmas is about Joy.





Dear Santa,

This is Austyn Spriggs-McDanill.

I like toys & books & clothes & slippers & new Jammies.

We will Leave out cookies with chocolate in them. Our house looks like a triangle, its white. I’ve been nice. our tree has ribbon on it & a star, & more stars, & flowers on it. & baseballs. snowflake I have a snowman & a new blanket. In my stocking I want toys & pretend ribbon.

I say hi to Santa

I love you Santa. Thank you! and please.

love Austyn


Dear Santa,

I would like a Bow and aro for chistmas. I

have been good!




Christmas list

lego police station

lego fire station

marvel avenger Jet

ninga turtle legos

lego Batman games

lego city under cover




Dear Santa

What I want for christmas is a toy Plane and a Avengers bike with chraning weels and a big boy toy house and a fake bannanas and a boy toy refrigarator and a toy sutcase with toy phone and a toy coffee maker and I whant hook mask and I also want a realy big Avengers toy house set with the Avengers toys and I want big boots that stay up to knees




I Love U


Dear Santa Claus,

I would like a stamp-a-story for Christmas this year. I would also like you to bring a big hugs Elmo for Vinny, and elf on the shelf for Sofia, a magnetic advent calandar for mama, and a buket of cube-shaped treats for daddy. Can you give every poor little girl and boy a toy to love? Also can you give every poor family food to eat? I hope my chidren believe in you, Santa Claus.




What I want

1 Etric Dog

2 wrestling man

3 car

4 basket ball

5 basket ball hoop

6 Elf

7 New babe

8 New Mickey

9 Power anger

10 A green controler for ps3

Thank you

by the way my name is Jace And I am four!!!




Dear Santa hear is what I would like for Christmas

My list

1. Mp3 player

2. Head phones

3. A sit and bounce

4. A lap top

5. A Drifter

6. A I pad

7. Bacon Jaket

8. Roudouph chapos (nose lights up)

9. PJ’s (with music notes)

10. microphone

11. spend time with my family

12. hope have a merry christmas.

PS. Please find my Aunty a house

PSS. Please let me get my first kiss with bryan




Dear Santa

how are the rain deers and I hope you bring me lots of for Christmas and this is want I want for Chrismas some shoes, bord games, cloths from the mall, boots, more books, 2 grade math book, snow globe, puzzles, nekles, paint, and chapter books.

Your friend



Dear SantaClaus,

I think I have been a good girl this year. So, I wold like to ask for:

1. Flutter By Fairy

2. IPad

3. Dairy

I hope you and Mrs claus are Well.





Dear Santa

What I want for Christmas is a monstes high bike with No chraning weels so I can learn and two doll houses that I saw at toysRus and since where talking about doll houses can I have a barbie dream house and a big girl house and a real computer and a purple Sparkly Dress with matching shoes and monster high head Phones for the computer and all the monster high dolls and all the monster high doll sets and houses and this one is specill to me and I want is my step dad I hope you make my wishes come true





Dear Santa

for Christmas I wod like a build-a-saurus pieces. and I wod like you to get a car set for vinny.




Dear St. Nick

I have been a good girl, for the most part

For Christmas I would like a computer, so I don’t mess up my grandma’s all the time & phone & dolls & diamond ring & dimond earrings & Justin Beibeibere & a dress & mack up. Also I want good Food at school. St. Nicks can you bring my daddy sum long horn sliprs and sum Long Horn pujomu pans.

Thank you,



Dear Santa,

I would like a Playdoh Garbage truck for Christmas.

I love you.

Love Vinny



Dear Santa

I would like to have a babcat with a fork and a buckit and a bril hole and a Lawn mower with some tractors and a lodre and a ramp and a weed crouw

Love Warren


Dear Santa,

I hope you have a Merry Christmas. I hope you get to rest after Christmas. I hope you get to have a vacation. I will like for you to give my toys to the kids who don’t get Christmas.




Dear Santa,

I wish for everyone to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I also wish for a Wii U and a Playstation for my friends and family. Merry Christmas Santa.




Dear Santa,

I love you and I’m happy what you are doing and I LOVE you very very very much in my heart and P.S. Can you sent me a letter back and can you tell me if I was naughty or nice and have a Merry Christmas. And put some more decorations in the house and outside with magic!

Your lover,



To: Santa

From: Monique

I want 2 book of the magic tree house and I’m 9. You rock.


Dear Santa,

Can you bring me a box of ponys please. A monster high castle. A necklace. A DS. A RC Car.

Thank you,



Dear Mr. Claus,

Can you please give me Technoid the Robot Dog, a new glasses case, some toy ninja gear, a brand new Mega Blaster Nerf gun and please make me and my brother get along much better.




To: Santa

From: Patience

Wish list

A Bowandaero.

A Furby boom.

Monster High set.

Crate (sic) a monster by Monster High.

DS game like cats and dogs, horses

A pet ginypig

The star ming I want them very bad.

Thank you.


Dear Santa,

How are you doing this year? I would like an ipod, an iphone s 5, and an ipod for Christmas this year. I hard (sic) you like Oreo cookies and milk and your reindeer like carrots. I will give you 8 carrots for your reindeer. If you have and Xbox 360 can I please have it and I will give you some oreo cookies.




Dear Santa,

I love you. Levi (1) loves you too. I wish you were with me so you could play with me. I have tried to be good this year. I would like a new baby doll this year. And Levi wants a new truck. Did your elves watch me? Please send your elves back to see if I get presents. Do you like hot chocolate? I love hot chocolate. Have a safe trip to Lubbock. I will give you a hug at the mall.

I love you,

Alli (4)

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