Never too late to follow your dreams

Some of our Facebook friends agreed to share their greatest accomplishment in 2013.

Here are some of the answers:

Taking a job that happens to take me out of New Mexico, and yet still finding ways to celebrate the people and culture of the Land of Enchantment.

Jason W Brooks

At 61 yrs old I found out that I am eligible to apply for graduation to receive my associates degree, after this coming spring semester.!! So hopefully, in 2014 my accomplishment for that year will be to walk!! It is never to late to follow your dreams.

Theresa Irene Buckley

Finished Massage Therapy School, traveling to and from Roswell on weekends to accomplish my dream of opening my own massage therapy business, Still Waters Therapeutic Massage!!!

Christy Kiefel-Masterson

I graduated from college with a BBA and was the honors convocation speaker representing the ENMU College of Business.

Trina Walley

Surviving surgery and cancer and my family!

Victor Sherry Montoya

I was real sick a few years ago and I started working again full time this year to support my family.

Roberto Lopez III

I graduated from high School..i am 44 years old and i had not been in a class room in 29 years.

Shelly Tyler

My second daughter Miss Paisley.

Brittany Denaye Reed-Allen

Getting all three of my stepgirls here making our lil’ family whole!

Amanda Hall

Surviving my husbands first deployment overseas!

Karlee Jankowski

Getting engaged ( :

Kara Jenkins

Re-gained the ability to walk and drive after a horrible car accident that shattered my spine and left me paralyzed for four months.

Jared Tucker

I finally got my Bachelor’s Degree in Service Management!!

Katherine Garcia

Being the youngest Department President of the American Legion Auxiliary in the State of NM. Serving our Veterans!

Janet Romero


Kelly Melhart Richey

Finally having all my brothers and sisters realize we need each other more than ever.

Lucyann Bamforth

Didn’t think too much about the innumerable meetings with CYFD over the past couple of years, encouraging them not to take the easy path for my two clients (1/2 brother & sister), until the new adoptive parents thanked their “very vocal CASA” in the adoption proceedings. Yep, might not have happened without me being a thorn….

Rhonda Seidenwurm

Learning to be more of a daughter of Christ like my niece. She was tragically killed in a car accident in November! Learning to follow her lead! Miss her terribly but I know she is in heaven!

Darla Sealey

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