Movie classics worth watching

It’s funny how events and conversations get your brain stirring and wondering, “Hmm, if I had a top five or ten of this, what would it be?”

After having recently thought about my top ten Christmas movies from having seen a few of them at Wal-Mart last month, attending my best friend’s wedding last weekend just after Christmas, got me thinking about another top ten movie list.

Here are my top ten wedding movies:

• The Wedding Planner

• Bridesmaids

• 27 Dresses

• My Big Fat Greek Wedding

• Wedding Crashers

• Runaway Bride

• Father of the Bride

• My Best Friend’s Wedding

• Royal Wedding

• Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

For those of you who don’t know about the last two, they are classics from the 1950s and well worth watching for the wonderful singing and dancing.

I guess you would probably have to have some level of love for musicals to watch them, but hey, we all laughed at and enjoyed the musical number in My Best Friend’s Wedding, right?

Those of my generation, step out of the norm and be brave: Embrace the 1950s movies because there is so much to be treasured about that Hollywood era.

 Alisa Boswell loves movies and literature and writes for the Portales News-Tribune. Contact her at or on Facebook at Cmi staff-Alisa Boswell.

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