Be smart: Shop like a FashioNieka

When you ask me where I got my outfit, there is most likely a story behind how it came together.

To assume I am label-driven would absolutely not be the case. You won’t ever catch me dropping my favorite name brands. Although, there are a couple of trending brands in my closet I’ve scooped up for their likeness more than their name.

D'Nieka Hartsfield

D’Nieka Hartsfield

I love shopping from the local thrift stores, down to the 70 percent off clearance rack at other stores. Although I don’t like spending long hours shopping (because I lack the patience), the best part of it for me is finding a really cool but inexpensive item and quickly thinking what I will pair it with from my own closet.

Besides shopping for a great sale, there are three other thoughts I have when scanning material before I make a purchase.

• Does it have versatility? I have to be able to come up with many different looks for one item. Like that shirt you wore to a party but also worked for the workplace. Not saying I have done it (wink).

• Is it wearable in the warm and cold seasons? After chatting on how to expand our closets, I learned a co-worker has been mixing her spring jersey dresses with black tights and cardigans to bring them into winter. Work it, girl!

• Is it timeless? Being able to pull something out of your closet from 2006 and find it’s still relevant is pretty awe-inspiring.

But I can’t say I would shop absolutely anywhere because quality is important. I don’t want anything that will ruin in its first wash and/or dry or irritates my skin. Cheap and inexpensive are two different things and I appreciate the inexpensive. That is why I love clearances. Trust me, these items are marked way up to begin with.

So next time you are out shopping, go for the bargain and do it NiekaStyle.

 D’Nieka Hartsfield does most of her bargain shopping locally. Friend her on Facebook or email her:

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