Seven file for election

By Lillian Bowe

Portales Mayor Sharon King, left, made her re-election bid official Tuesday morning when she filed for candidacy at City Clerk Joan Martinez-Terry's office. King is running unopposed.

Portales Mayor Sharon King, left, made her re-election bid official Tuesday morning when she filed for candidacy at City Clerk Joan Martinez-Terry’s office. King is running unopposed.

PNT staff writer

Only one of the four races for Portales City Council seats in the March 4 municipal election will be contested.

Tuesday was filing day .

Ward A incumbent Antonio Salguero will be challenged by Veronica Pena.

Salguero, a retired educator, said having competition is a good thing.

Salguero was appointed to the council in 2009, and retained his seat in the 2010 election.

“I would like to finish the wastewater treatment plant,” said Salguero, as one of the primary projects he’d like to see complete if he were to be re-elected.

Salguero is also adamant about fixing the city’s streets and wants to work on improving family entertainment for the city, including renovations to the city’s swimming pool.

“You have to do something for the kiddos,” Salguero said.

Pena, the daughter of former Ward A Councilor Al Bachicha, did not respond to phone calls on Tuesday.

Former councilor and the city’s lobbyist Mike Miller will be running for Ward C Councilor unopposed. After 12 years on the council, Ronald Jackson did not seek re-election.

Miller said Jackson did a great job as councilor and is ready to take the position.

“There is a lot of interesting challenges in the upcoming year,” Miller said.

One of the challenges Miller mentioned as he worked on as chair of the city’s finance committee is the state no longer reimbursing the lost revenue cities acquired with the tax on groceries.

Miller was on city council from 2002 to 2010 in Ward D, but gave up his spot when he moved into Ward C.

Ward B and D incumbents Oscar Robinson and Dianne Parker are running unopposed.

Robinson joined the council in 2002.

Parker has served on the council for about 22 years.

Portales Mayor Sharon King and Municipal Judge Barbara George are also running unopposed.

“I still have projects I want to get done,” said King, citing the Ute Pipeline Project and the new wastewater treatment plant as examples.

King said she also has plans to refine the city’s ordinances to ensure the cleanliness of Portales.

“It’s just home, it’s a comfortable place to live,” said King of Portales. “Overall, it’s a great place.”

King, who was diagnosed with myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells, last year said her treatments are going well and her health is good.

George was appointed to the municipal judge seat in June by the City Council to replace retired Judge Fred Arnold. Prior to that, she has never served as municipal judge before, only as an alternate.

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