Star Wars back story series surprisingly appealling

Many people in this world are fans of Star Wars. It’s one of those timeless classics that has gone down in history as being one of the best sci-fi fantasies ever made.

Alisa Boswell

Alisa Boswell

What’s not to love? There’s action, adventure, good versus evil, aliens and even a little romance. It doesn’t get any cooler.

It usually doesn’t occur to me to look into series that continue a story, but after the boyfriend became interested in the animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, I started watching it with him.

How good the series is could be attributed to the fact that it was created by Star Wars’ original creator, George Lucas, but as beloved as the original series is, there was always that chance of fans not approving of back story.

But Lucas took the chance that fans would want to know the entire Anakin tale and he could not have been more right. It has been intriguing to watch Anakin’s story unfold and to see a much more realistic pace of his transition from Anakin to Darth Vader. The series takes the time that Star Wars: Episodes 1-3 could not, to show who Anakin was and how he transitioned to evil.

If you are a Star Wars fan, I recommend it, but you will have to buy it. It can’t be found on Netflix and other Internet venues.

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