Vacation memories will last

Breezes were blowing softly, making the humid air bearable. Hot sun was splashing on the vibrant red hibiscus blossoms women and girls were wearing in their long, jet black hair.

Sandy Fields

Sandy Fields

The bright colors in the fabric of the skirts and loin cloths were just magnificent against the backdrop of the rainforest. We had ridden in dugout canoes for almost an hour to reach this amazingly beautiful Embera village on the banks of a Panama river.

I took a few pictures with my trusty little phone, but spent my hours there interacting with the people. My husband is the grand photographer, and out of the corner of my eye I saw him setting up photos all day. While I watched children dance, bought a basket, ate tilapia with my fingers from a banana leaf pouch, he was zooming in on the gorgeous faces of little girls playing by the canoes, men beating the welcome drums, women frying plantains.

In a terribly frustrating move, I accidentally deleted all his photos before I got them onto the computer. Several tried to help restore them, but they’re gone.

It’s miserable, but there is apparently no use crying over spilled milk or lost digital files.

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