Relationships bring about changes

I think I realized why people get married; it’s to find someone that will make you a better person. But don’t get so mushy, I didn’t mean that in a romantic way.

Christina Calloway

Christina Calloway

I think we all know that one functional person who was a mess in a certain area of their life who then got it together when they began dating.

Like the guy who showered only four times a week now showers daily or the girl who never cleans now has to be on her toes in case her boyfriend comes over; people in relationships attempt to change for the better.

Dating or marrying someone means you now have someone to hold you accountable. You now have someone to watch your language or make sure you eat enough fiber. I think for those of us who lack the will power to do good for ourselves in turn become better people for our significant others. It is sad that we don’t do some of these things for ourselves, but it’s life.

It seems like even just having roommates can promote better habits. I noticed when I lived with others, a dish of mine wouldn’t stay in the sink for more than a day. Now that I live alone, I’m seriously contemplating investing in paper goods because washing dishes has now become the worst part of my day.

I applaud those of you who don’t need others to make you better, you are either independent or most likely self-centered.

Christina Calloway for Clovis Media Inc.

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