Board approves alternatives

Lillian Bowe

PNT staff writer

The Portales Municipal School Board of Education passed a resolution of the graduation demonstration of competency at Monday’s school board meeting.

The resolution allows students who do not pass the state-issued Standards-Based Assessment or End of Course exams in a subject another chance to graduate, provided they prove competency through alternatives — with suggestions including a committee-judged portfolio or successful completion of a relevant course taken for college credit.

In previous meetings, the board proposed this resolution as a new policy, but according to Superintendent Johnnie Cain, a new policy is not needed.

“We already have a policy in regards to alternate demonstration of competency (ADC), so we do not need to make a new one and decisions will be made by the administration,” Cain said.

Under the resolution, the superintendent will decide the guidelines for ADC. Cain said the framework developed for the policy will be used.

In November, the Public Education Department issued a memo that said the department plans to clarify and amend graduation standards. These alternatives are only necessary for this year’s students as PED could change the graduation standards for next year.

According to Director of Instruction David Van Wettering there are 30 students at risk of not graduating this year.

Other highlights from Monday’s meeting include:

• Approval of a Pre-K program application for Brown Early Childhood, applicable to 4-year-olds. Brown Early Childhood is in process of writing a grant for the program for the 2014-2015 year.

• Approval of out-of-state travel for Lindsey Steiner Elementary fifth-graders to Muleshoe for the Playa Festival and Portales High School juniors and seniors to Amarillo on May 6.

• Approval of the audit report for 2012-2013 fiscal year. Gayland Cowen of Woodard, Cowen & Co. reported that the audit was in good standing.

• Jimena Lavalle, a junior at Portales High School, was recognized for her participation in the 2014 EnLace Legislative Internship Program. Iin January, Lavalle went to Santa Fe for four days for the Legislative session and shadowed a representative.

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