What do you love to do?

I write. When I’m choking with grief, I find solace in putting my emotions into written words. A beautiful scene inspires me to find the perfect descriptive adjectives. A special

Sandy Fields

Sandy Fields

moment brightening my day must be preserved in a paragraph.

Over the years, I’ve written thousands of letters to family and friends. Funny… I was even the editor of the high school newspaper, and my first degree plan was in communications and journalism. Thanks to the PNT, I’ve had my own weekly column for over two years. And thanks to the wonders of the internet, I have a blog that hosts readers from around the world.

But ask me what I do, and I’ll tell you I’m a builder. That’s natural. We all respond to that question with the answer that makes the living.

I recently met a man who answered that question with, “I’m a food and travel writer.” I marveled! It’s exactly what I want to be. Further conversation revealed he was recently retired from his profession, enjoyed travel, and was taking writing classes in hopes of publishing some articles. I loved his bold proclamation.

I’m refreshing my question upon meeting someone new. “What do you love to do?”

Sandy keeps an online journal at her website www.field-days.com. E-mail her at sandy@field-days.com.

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