Reviews are for your protection

Reviews have a major effect on where I do business and what products I buy.

I’m always looking for both positive and negative feedback; you accept some people may get a lemon but it’s important to get a well-rounded view before you spend time or money.

A review once saved me from a big mistake. I was shipping my car from California to Texas while in school and my mom made a hasty decision and booked with a place that had horrible reviews. When I looked them up, there were repeated stories of damage to cars and people waiting longer than they were told for their cars to arrive. We decided to shell out the extra cash for the better business.

I do the same with restaurants anytime I’m traveling on vacation, and I spent nearly an hour the other day reading reviews for makeup brushes.

I wonder if anyone will invent a Yelp for people, so I’ll know if Bob is flaky or Kristy is bad with details. While I certainly don’t believe it’s OK to judge people from others’ experience, we have to admit the purpose of those sites is to protect ourselves. And when doing business, maybe those small details can help you work with that person.

And I know most people would love to get reviews on who they’re dating before they get serious. The only downside is what doesn’t work for one person may be great for someone else.

Be cautious, reviewers.

Christina Calloway writes for Clovis Media Inc.

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