Curry County Outlaws are coming

For a bunch of outlaws, they seem like pretty nice guys.

Betty Williamson

Betty Williamson

The truth is the Curry County Outlaws aren’t likely to cause much trouble anywhere they go — unless it becomes illegal to tap your foot to a classic country tune, or to spontaneously grab a partner and start two-stepping.

If the law ever goes looking for these six good-hearted desperadoes — Russ Backoff on drums, Floyd Cline on vocals and lead guitar, John Evans on guitar, Harold Kilmer on fiddle, David Rael on bass guitar, and Dan Williams on rhythm guitar — they’ll need to infiltrate events like the recent Salvation Army Souper Bowl, or try to catch them red-handed entertaining senior citizens at Wheatfields Retirement Center in Clovis, where they play the second Sunday of each month.

I have it on good authority that they’ll be slipping across the border into Roosevelt County on Friday evening to provide music at the annual Kiwanis chili supper, scheduled for 5 p.m.-7 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall at the First United Methodist Church in Portales.

Folks who are brave enough to venture out Friday and buy $7 ticket can count on a hearty bowl of chili, served with a side of old-time country tunes, and garnished with a sprinkle of rock and roll.

The Outlaws are coming. You’ve been warned.

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