Science fair results

Local results of the Southeastern New Mexico Regional Science and Engineering Fair that took place on March 1 at ENMU:

 American Psychological Association Award: Kelsey Johns, Portales High School.

Association for Women Geoscientists Award: Courtney Titus, Portales High School.

Broadcom MASTERS awards: Jadyn Barnett, Charles Trammell, Miko Birdsong and Sofia Garbarino, Clovis Christian; Danielle van Walraven, Portales Junior High; Madison Lerman, Yucca Middle School.

Director’s Award (Senior): Nicholas Brown, Portales High School.


Competition award: Zachary Newberry, Portales High School.

Intel ISEF Finalist: Nicholas Brown, Portales High School.

U.S. Public Health Service award: Zachary Newberry, Portales High School.

Stockholm Junior Water Prize: Zachary Newberry and Courtney Titus, Portales High School.

Ricoh Americas Corporation award: Zachary Newberry, Portales High School.

Kiwanis Club Award of Excellence in Science Teaching: Rebekah Mitchell, science teacher at Portales High School.

Army Award in Excellence: Danielle Chapman, Patrick Abeyta, Gavin Fisher, Marcos Jacques, Miguel Barrera, Yacaranday De La Torre and Jonathan Bryant, Portales High School; Hanna Davis, Caleb Chambers, Ty Mitchell, Syed Taqi Raza and Meena Al Saleh, Gattis Middle School; Kristian Goebel, Alyson Stansell, Briana Brooks, Kelly Fraze, Dristen Tapia and Rebekah Christensen, Portales Junior High; Lance Fletcher, Dora Schools.

Category awards:

Junior Behavioral and Social Sciences: 1. Jadyn Barnett, Clovis Christian, 2. Lydia Barron, Dora Schools, 3. Brooke Reid, Gattis Middle School

Junior Cellular and Molecular Biology: 1. Charles Trammell, Clovis Christian, 2. Joanna Servatt, Clovis Christian

Junior Chemistry: 1. Danielle van Walraven, Portales Junior High, 3. Nicholas Chappelear, Gattis Middle School

Junior Earth and Planetary Sciences: 1. Madison Lerman, Yucca Middle School

Junior Energy and Transportation: Lance Fletcher, Dora Schools

Junior Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering: Miko Birdsong, Clovis Christian

Junior Microbiology: Sofia Garbarino, Clovis Christian

Junior Physics and Astronomy: 2. Mykala Chaves, Gattis Middle School, 3. Madeline Howalt, Gattis Middle School

Junior Plant Science: 2. Savannah Kircher, Dora Schools

Senior Animal Science: 1. Zachary Laurenz, Portales High School

Senior Behavioral and Social Sciences: 1. Kelsey Johns, Portales High, 2. Emilia Oviedo, Portales High, 3. Cassandra Johnson, Portales High

Senior Cellular & Molecular Biology: 1. Jarrett Johnson, Portales High

Senior Computer Sciences: 1. Nicholas Brown, Portales High School

Senior Energy & Transportation: 1. Zachary Newberry, Portales High School, 2. Maria Villescas, Portales High School, 3. Sophie Cissell, Portales High School

Senior Environmental Management: 1. Sabrina Roberts, Dora High School

Senior Mathematical Sciences: 2. Olivia Austin, Portales High, 3. Bronte Staugaard, Portales High

Senior Medicine & Health Science: 1. Teresa Albert, Portales High, 2. Emily Villanueva, Portales High, 3. Daniela Villanueva, Portales High

Senior Microbiology: 1. Edward Varela, Portales High

Senior Physics & Astronomy: 1. Joseph Ortega, Portales High

Overall: 2. Nicholas Brown, Portales High

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