County manager’s contract renewed

By Lillian Bowe

PNT staff writer

After an executive session Tuesday, Roosevelt County commissioners voted unanimously to renew County Manager Charlene Webb’s contract at her current salary.

Webb has been manager since 2001. Her contract was reviewed annually until 2012, when they changed the review to every two years.

Webb said she is ready to serve the county for the next two years.

County Commission Chairman Kendell Buzard said the commission has been impressed with her work.

“She has been doing a real good job and we feel like she has been doing a good job for the county,” District 3 Commissioner Bill Cathey said.

Cathey also said her year salary will stay at $81,440, but her contract stated that it can be raised at any time.

“The commission will have to look at the budget before we can decide on a raise,” Cathey said.

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