Vocabulary can always be larger

Although the English language has at least half a million words, we still need new ones to express certain nuances.

Here are a few suggestions:

Miserpated — Being forced to participate in something that makes us miserable. “I miserpated in attending the opera with her.”

Wendel Sloan

Wendel Sloan

Fakepathy — Pretending to have empathy. “She showed great fakepathy about her rival in the Miss High Plains Pageant tripping during the evening wear competition.”

Texagger — Having the swagger of a Texan. “He had texagger without portfolio about being a real cowboy.”

Jockination — Being a star jock in one’s imagination. “He was an MVP candidate in his jockination, even though he only got off the bench for mop-up duties.”

Zingwinger — Partisan who expresses extreme political views through re-posting nasty and untrue one-liners. “Having never actually read the Constitution only enhances his zingwinger mastery.”

Fleeceacher — Televangelist who spends most of his time seeking contributions. “Maybe if the fleeceacher didn’t spend so much time threatening people with what they will reap if they don’t sow faith seeds, he wouldn’t need to buy so much air time.”

Sociessenger — Getting so wrapped up in social media that one forgets that messages with substance are more important than the medium. “She was a sociessenger who could tweet, Instagram and Pininterest with the best of them, but no one remembered them five minutes later.”

Selfvolver — A person who thinks the solar system revolves around oneself. “His mother spends most of her time alone in the nursing home, but the selfvolver thinks a weekly five-minute visit makes him a saint.”

Reversnob — A blue-collar worker who stereotypes scholarly types as having no common sense and having never worked hard. “The reversnob didn’t realize the professor he was ridiculing about being out of touch with reality had paid his way through college working in a steel mill, wood-cutting factory, hauling hay, pouring concrete and buffing floors.”


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