My turn: Life is one complicated Sudoku

By Sandy Fields

PNT columnist

The 8 and the 9 must go on the bottom, and the 1 and the 6 must go in the middle. I said this to myself as I worked the Sudoku. And in that second, the thought got twisted, and I placed the 1 in the bottom with the ball point pen. I shuddered. Instantly, I realized my mistake.

For all kinds of probably ridiculous reasons, I work those puzzles with a pen, and the only marks I make are the numbers going into the squares. Scratching out a mistake spells doom and gloom. Not wanting the distractive marks on the page, I determined to keep the mistake in my head while figuring out as quickly as possible which number would replace it.

I’ve seen Sudoku puzzles filled with scribbles and scratches, do-overs and notes to self. I especially get a kick out of in-flight magazines when the puzzle page worked by a

previous traveler practically screams of anger and frustration.

How I would love to impress upon young people that life is one complicated Sudoku. Think before you leave your mark. Take some time to ponder your actions. Good decisions made early lead to tangle-free solutions later. Choose well.

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