Immigration control breaks law

By Kent McManigal

Local columnist

Government at every level throughout America needs to obey the U.S. Constitution — the highest law of the land — to the letter.

All federal, state and local governments need to tightly control and regulate who is allowed to enter our country, and make sure those allowed in are complying with all the immigration laws the Constitution establishes in order to make sure our borders are secure.

Their papers must be in order, or else!

But, there is at least one problem with that.

Kent McManigal
Kent McManigal

The Constitution doesn’t allow government to regulate or control immigration at all. It spells out how the states may regulate the importation of slaves, and permits government to establish a way for immigrants to become citizens, but that’s all it permits with regard to immigration. And, the only powers the Constitution permits governments to have are those specifically spelled out in its text.

So how can those who cry most loudly for government to obey the Constitution ignore this inconvenient fact?

Honestly, I don’t know, but I have some suspicions.

I support those who gathered last Saturday in Clovis and across the nation to protest deportation policies. Since a law that runs counter to the Constitution is not a law at all, and no one is obligated to obey this pretend law — according to an earlier Supreme Court ruling — there can be no such thing as an “illegal immigrant” to deport, Constitutionally speaking.

The claim, “But they are illegal,” is as meaningless as saying it was illegal to be (or harbor) a runaway slave. “What part of ‘illegal’ don’t you understand?” is countered with “What part of ‘unconstitutional’ don’t you understand?” Because, as far as written and enforced laws in America are concerned, nothing can trump the Constitution. Not even if you think it’s a good idea, or absolutely necessary. That’s the same excuse dredged up by anti-gun activists.

The only mistake the activists make is asking to be equally violated by driver’s license requirements, which are also not within any government’s authority.

If you are calling for immigration control and pushing for deportation, you are advocating breaking the law. You become the illegal you rally against.

See why I love irony?

When any person attacks an innocent, or violates private property, I support unflinching self defense or full restitution. I don’t care where aggressors and thieves were born.

Being attacked by someone whose family has lived here for generations is not somehow better than falling victim to someone who just arrived from somewhere else. To pretend otherwise shows a willingness to ignore the root and focus on the insignificant pettiness that divides people and empowers the state.

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