Meetings watch — April 16

Roosevelt County Commission

The Roosevelt County Commission took the following action Tuesday:

• Declared a fire emergency because of the drought and adopted an ordinance banning all open burning. The ban will include camp fires, open fires, open burning of vegetation or rubbish and any other smoke producing substance and material that creates a fire safety hazard.

• Adopted an ordinance banning certain fireworks. Fireworks not banned included cone fountains, crackling devices, cylindrical fountains, filter sparklers, ground spinners, illuminating torches, toy smoke devices, wheels, and mines fireworks. Fireworks that are banned include stick-type rockets, helicopter and aerial spinners, missile-type rockets, ground audible devices, firecrackers and displayed fireworks.

z Approve a request to apply for a $13,250 grant from New Mexico Clean and Beautiful, a tourist-based grant. Mandi Park, indigent health care administrator, said the grant will be used to add rocks to the ground of the Dalley Open Air Windmill museum and signs to promote the county’s windmill collection.

• Approved a request to apply for a $39,000 from the Lodger’s Tax Board for an electronic sign near the entrance of the Roosevelt County Fairground.

• Approved an application for membership to the Arizona and New Mexico Coalition of Counties. The group is a non-partisan, non-profit made up of four Arizona and 10 New Mexico counties. It assists with Endangered Species Act activities, legislative and regulation reform activities, National Environmental Policy Act activities and other issues. Cost of membership is $2,600 a year.

The commission tabled a motion to appoint a board representative.

• Approved a resolution to participate in programs of the Eastern Plain Council of Governments for the year 2014 to 2015. Commissioner Bill Cathey was appointed board representative and Commissioner Jake Lopez as the alternate.

• Roosevelt County Detention Center Administrator David Casanova reported 141 inmates in RCDC. They include 21 women. Casanova said 14 inmates are from Colfax County, 56 from Eddy County, one from Curry County and one from Chavez County. Casanova also reported that RCDC is fully staffed.


— Complied by staff writer Lillian Bowe



City Council

The following took place at the Portales City Council meeting Tuesday night at the Portales Memorial Building:

• The council voted 4-2 to reject an award of contract for seasonal mowing, weeding, and other maintenance of the city’s parks in the best interest of the city.

Public Works Director John DeSha said the money for the bid was not budgeted and he suggested the council decline the bid.

Although it wasn’t clear to councilors or DeSha why the work was initially contracted and not taken care of by the city’s Park Department employees, most councilors agreed the item needed further review and it was best to reject the bid.

The council voted to reject the bid 4-2, with Councilor Oscar Robinson voting against and Councilor Keith Thomas abstaining.

Thomas additionally requested cost comparisons be made for city employees and contracted employees for this work.

• The council approved a resolution promoting water conservation in Portales. DeSha said April is Water Conservation Month, which will kick off a big push from the city to conserve water. DeSha said he hopes to bring information to area schools, organizations and churches as well as send mass mailings to area residents in regard to the voluntary water conservation program.

• Councilor Antonio Salguero said one of his constituents suggested the Portales Recreation Center extend its hours on Friday and Saturday to give youth a nightly hang out. City Manager Doug Redmond said he would look into the suggestion.

• The council approved a request to adopt new regulations for the Portales Area Transit system. The new regulations include prohibiting discrimination on race, color and national origin and also ensures that non-English speaking residents will have a translator used when arranging rides.

• The council approved a resolution for participation in the programs of the Eastern Plains Council of Governments. Councilor Oscar Robinson will serve as the council’s representative and Councilor Leo Lovett as his alternate.

• The council ratified the city’s bills for March in the amount of $1.2 million.

• The council presented the winners of the Fair Housing Coloring Contest with awards. First place winners are Nealeigh Burrow for the ages 5-7 category, Evangeline Swaim for the ages 8-10 category, and Rylie Purcell for the ages 11-12 category.

— Compiled by Senior Writer Christina Calloway

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