Column post gets preachy responses

Wendel Sloan

Wendel Sloan

By Wendel Sloan

Local columnist

On Sunday mornings I post my columns on Facebook. Here is a tiny sampling of responses — including rebuttals to other readers’ preaching.

Where creationism is preached yet
And evolution ain’t teached yet
It can’t but strike me
Are very likely
Where evolution ain’t reached yet.
— Robert Patrick

You haven’t made it until someone compares you to Hitler. You are on your way.
— Patricia Rodriguez Baker

A message of love and truth is poorly communicated via condescension and self-righteousness.
— David Kilby

I lean toward a humbling knowledge that I cannot fathom the concept of God.
— Margie Koger

I am amazed at what people call justice and how dark that side can be.
— Carolyn Teague

I hope our path includes ending Wars, Envy, Greed and Hate.
— Christian Heller

Good deeds and kindness are not diminished by our motivations.
— Nancy Barrow

When we love someone we see only their beauty.
— Tim Marshall Sr.

I’m too young to die and too old to fight fair.
— Dennis Sloan

Don’t tell me the countless other planets are uninhabited.
— Benjamin Slone

No matter what kind of universe exists, some creative person can find a way to explain why it is as it is.
— Gary Sloan

Now that I am on the downside of life, I have no idea what the next one will be like.
— Bud Sloan

It is in the living that life matters, not in how soon, or in what method it is over.
— Michael Coon

Some of us view what comes after death as another adventure. Maybe our life energy will be reabsorbed into the universe — to become part of an entirely different life form.
— Jean Wozencraft-Ornellas

Calling Obama the worst thing to ever happen is hysterical.
— Beverly Thomas Logan

Today’s hyper, all-pervasive brand of patriotism seems a little tedious.
— Mike Parnell

Some think they need to shout to be heard across gaping chasms.
— Kerriann Marden

Your pants are actually on fire.
— Ron Barker

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