All of us have same yearnings

Wendel Sloan

Wendel Sloan

By Wendel Sloan

Local columnist

Scattershooting about things that puzzle me.

I have a sense of humor about shaving my head. Rather than fight the obvious, I prefer the hassle-free look, and joke about it myself.

What puzzles me are the constant clichés from (presumably) adults. While repeatedly having my hopes dashed of hearing something new, I’m always courteous while yawning to myself, “Really?”

Although the staters-of-the-obvious seem oblivious to their own genetic inheritances, unless it is complimentary, I never comment on others’ physical appearance.

I am also puzzled by attitudes toward small-town residents.

Although rare as rain on the High Plains, I have received a couple of patronizing comments from bigger-city acquaintances about living in a rural area.

I have lived from hamlets to metroplexes in Texas, Florida, Guam, Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico — including Dallas and Portales.

While larger cities have more amenities, I could still attend a different cultural activity every night in Clovis or Portales — and eat at a different restaurant every day for months.

I’ve discerned no difference in the intelligence, sophistication or open-mindedness between rurals and urbans. Percentage-wise, there are the same small number of racists, rednecks and zealots — overwhelmingly out-numbered by cool people.

Another puzzlement is egocentric generalizations.

Although I am ultra-conservative in believing government should stay out of private lives, favoring one religion over another on public property, or giving tax breaks to institutions denying equal rights, I still respect my liberal, peace-mongering friends.

Aspirations vary little by age, vocation, wealth, looks, politics, sexual orientation, religion or lack of, ethnicity, nationality, physical impediments…

Despite advantages-by-birth for some, everyone has basically the same yearnings: peace, purpose, respect, achievement, freedom, safety and security, opportunities for self and family, social connections, love and happiness.

It puzzles me why anyone thinks others are less entitled to the same things they want.

Excepting the tiny minority of egocentrics still incomprehensibly substituting condescension for nuanced thinking, I root for everyone.

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