Still making memories

Molly Urioste Urioste has renewed her wedding vows with her husband Lewis twice, first on their 25th anniversary and the second on their 50th anniversary.

“I want to do it for our 75th and hopefully for our 100th, hopefully we will be there to do it,” Urioste laughed.

They were married in 1955.  They raised seven children.

Urioste, who worked in homehealth care for 27 years, collects elephants and Betty Boop, and has been a part of a bowling league.

How did you and youR husband meet? My cousin was dating his cousin and they asked both us to go to the drive-in movie theater in 1952. He first had to get permission from my uncle to date me.

Then we went on our date and we dated for three years before we got married in 1955.

It has been great ever since.

I lived in Clovis and he lived in Portales. So when he did not have a car, he had to walk from his home all the way to the bus station to get to me in Clovis. He really made an effort to see me.

How was raising seven children? It is a joy to raise all my children. We didn’t have much for our kids and I wish we had more, but I made sure that they had fun as we took them on vacations every year.

They loved it so much, going camping and being outdoors. They still talk about how much fun they had.

What do you love about Portales? This is where my kids grew up and they all had the same doctor. They all graduated from the high school and it just holds a lot of memories.

Why did you start a career in homecare? My sister needed someone else to help her with homecare and I decided to help. We would go to their home and take care of their needs and they were all just beautiful. There was a lot of love and it is a beautiful profession.

My first was Lila Dobson and she was so sweet. I also took care of Gena Walker, she was a beautiful lady.

What are some of your favorite memories of taking your children camping? One time a skunk came down to visit us. I froze when I saw it and it just moved a little bit looking for food. Then it started to leave and my kids started to follow it and asked me to go.
I said, “Mama is going to stay.” So they followed it and it got away. I will never forget it. I am glad they did not catch it.

Have you won any trophies in bowling? Yes, I won most improved and it is hanging in my living room. I was a part of a bowling league.

We were called Urioste and Sons. That was when Lewis and my son owned a carpet laying company.

— Complied by staff writer Lillian Bowe

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