Tastee Freez gone, but not forgotten

Sandy Fields

Sandy Fields

By Sandy Fields

Local columnist

Sometimes buildings have just done their time, served their purpose. Some have served all the burgers they’re going to serve.

That’s the case for the old building I still call Tastee-Freez. Sure, it’s had plenty of different names over the years. Different owners. Different menus.

I’ve dined there many a time, but my favorite memories will always be those from the 1970s and 80s.

Those cute red, white, and blue suits worn by the crew. The amazing green chile cheese fried steak sandwich. Good times with friends after ballgames. Popping in to say hi to my cousin working behind the counter. Meeting a cute boy after band practice for a Coke.

New buildings, new businesses … these things always make me smile. I’m thrilled we have a brand new restaurant coming to Portales. I’ll enjoy watching it go up. But I’m pretty sure there will be a lump in my throat when I drive by and see the old place leveled.

I’m looking at an ad from a 1977 “Rampage,” the high school newspaper. Tastee Freez owner Mel Hillesheim gave a free Big Tee to every player, coach, band member, and cheerleader for all home shutout football games.

Happy memories.

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