Officials: ENMU players arrested for disorderly conduct

Staff report

Nearly half of Eastern New Mexico University’s baseball team was arrested Friday afternoon on charges of disorderly conduct stemming from a fight that took place last week in a campus parking lot, according to school and law enforcement officials.

Roosevelt County Detention Center Administrator David Casanova confirmed that at least 16 ENMU athletes were waiting to be booked into the county jail around 4:30 p.m. Friday.

There are 37 active players listed on a roster on ENMU’s webiste.

The Greyhounds played a 6 p.m. game against Angelo State  on Friday with a doubleheader today to end the regular season. In fifth-place, The Greyhounds (24-23) are in the hunt for the berth in the Lone Star Conference post-season tournament. The top four teams make the tournament.

ENMU President Steve Gamble said he was told by arresting officers that the athletes were part of the school’s baseball team, but said he didn’t have many details about the incident that led to their arrests.

ENMU Police Chief Brad Mauldin said the case is active and declined to comment.

Gamble said he was told the athletes were involved in a physical altercation that took place last weekend, either Friday or Saturday, and it possibly happened at night in a parking lot the university shares with San Juan Village, which is a housing unit for students.

Portales Police Chief Pat Gallegos said though he was not there during the arrests, his officers did assist in the transportation of the arrested ballplayers.

Gamble said was told there were no serious injuries were reported from the altercation. He said non-athletes were involved but could not confirm if any other ENMU students were arrested.

“All I heard was they were going to arrest baseball players,” he said.

Gamble said he does not know what disciplinary action will be taken upon the athletes on the school’s part because the people who handle school discipline also do not have any details about the incident as of Friday evening.

“I don’t know the severity of much of what happened,” Gamble said.

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