ZTA sisters ‘leave the world a better place’

Betty Williamson

Betty Williamson

By Betty Williamson

Local columnist

Whether it is serving up spaghetti, encouraging family math fun at a local elementary school, hosting canned food drives, or sponsoring glow-in-the-dark fun runs, the women in Eastern New Mexico University’s Zeta Tau Alpha sorority have a proven record of service to others, and a knack for raising money that has garnered them a chance for a national award.

Cheered on by their philanthropic director Marissa Mowrer—an English major with a can-do attitude—the 40 women in the chapter raised $3,700 in the spring semester, all earmarked for organizations promoting breast cancer education and awareness.

In the past two years, the sorority has collected more than $10,000 for that cause, making it eligible to be considered for a national Founders Club award through the ZTA Foundation.

“Sororities are not what everyone thinks they are,” Mowrer said. “They are not a place to come if you want to learn how to drink, but instead they are a place to go when you want to learn how to grow.”

This good-natured trooper was even willing take a pie in the face (an honor shared with Roosevelt County Sheriff Darren Hooker and a few others) at the end of the most recent fundraiser.

Hats off this week to Marissa and her ZTA sisters—young women determined to “leave the world a better place.”

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