Letter to the editor — Maturity helps heal high school wounds

You’d think I’d have been apprehensive about coming back to Portales to see people I hadn’t seen in almost two decades.

You’d think I’d have been apprehensive about reliving some of my high school experiences when some of those experiences weren’t the best. Heck, I didn’t even have that many experiences compared to others.

But I was looking forward to the Heritage Days Festival and its related 1980s class reunion — even more so than my class reunion five years ago.
These were the people I was in high school with — three years ahead of me, some behind. What’s even better, I didn’t really know many of them when I was in high school; but this weekend, that didn’t matter.

The thing is, we all grew up, we matured and we realized all that high school drama just wasn’t worth it. There were people I spoke with — and enjoyed the evening with — that I hadn’t spoke maybe three words to my entire time in high school.
It was glorious.

There were also people I had known very well, people I couldn’t wait to see again. Still, when we were figuring out who was going to sit where on the float for the parade that morning, it felt like lunchtime in high school all over again, trying to figure out where I’d be accepted.
Thankfully, it didn’t matter. We were all friends, and we all had a terrific time.

Todd Fuqua