Photo project loses out to laziness

Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson

By Kevin Wilson

Staff columnist

Two summers ago, I had a wedding to attend in Albuquerque and I made a weekend out of it. I caught a pair of Isotopes games, and took the Rail Runner up to Santa Fe for a photo excursion.

While waiting for the return train to Albuquerque, I noticed a young couple kissing underneath a sign that read “Santa Fe” in teal block letters. I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos, and made up for it by telling the girl that I’d be glad to email her a copy of the photo.

The photo has been a lock screen for my phone and a screensaver for my computer, but never a piece on my wall. I was always too lazy to change that, even though it was probably a $30 job with the cost of printing and a generic frame. Someday, I always said.

Someday is coming up. I found a deal for a free 16-by-20 print online. Now, “free” meant $5 shipping and handling. I wondered how one could get a job as a handler, because they always seemed to rake in the money. Still, $5 total was a major discount. The $30 job became a $15 job, and I jumped.
I had to join the website to qualify for the offer … no problem. Upon joining, I received 50 free 4-by-6 prints. I can print my own 4-by-6 photos, but free is still nice, I guess. I thought nothing of it, and figured the 50 would stay there forever unused.

Then I got another email. My order was on its way, and as a token of thanks I would receive a gift upon my next login. “I like gifts,” I said, as I maneuvered to the site.
The free gift? Another 50 free 4-by-6 prints, with a week to redeem.

I don’t normally respond well to deadlines (ask my editors), but this intrigued me. What could I do with 100 free photos, plus whatever shipping and handling such an order would require?

I instantly thought of copying the old lady in the Esurance commercial who does offline social networking by taping photos to her living room wall, having friends say what photos they like, and unfriending people who upset her.
No, offline Facebook may be worse than online Facebook. What to do instead?

Maybe a flipbook movie. I could take two dozen pictures with fast exposures, snap another picture for the cover shot and have myself four very good flipbook movies to share. Should I go with different scenes, or make it a quadrilogy? You won’t want to miss my directorial debut, and it will be pretty easy to miss because it will only last two seconds.

Even better, I could make a large poster. A few weeks ago, I was talking to the family of basketball prospect Danni Williams, and I was shown a series of 10 different packets mailed from one college. When the pieces were fit together, they made a giant poster of Danni.

Why can’t I do that? Let’s see, 100 4-by-6 photos, stacked in a 10-by-10 format, gives me a large poster. I’m sure I could figure out something to do with that. Maybe I could find an old photo with a friend, break that up into smaller 4-by-6 sections and send a personal jigsaw puzzle.

Or I could use these purposes for evil. Get a bunch of friends to sign up, find an embarrassing photo of another friend and amass enough free prints for a billboard size copy of that shot for the lawn.

Nah, I’m lazy. Let’s just stick with someday.

Kevin Wilson is a columnist for Clovis Media Inc. He can be contacted at 763-3431, ext. 319, or by email: