Bring back jingles that make me smile

Sandy Fields

Sandy Fields

By Sandy Fields

Local columnist

I get that little tune stuck in my head, and I really don’t mind it one bit. It’s great fun… the song that tells you where to put the apostrophe while you spell out the letters of the treat that makes you want “some more.”

I loved that commercial the very first time I saw it. I miss the jingles. My generation had songs about terrific smelling hair, sodas that made you smile, and romantic toothpaste. We had giants singing about vegetables, and cowboys singing about chili con carne.

Some of today’s advertising can send me into a rant. I get bent out of shape when obnoxious children are disrespectful to adults who appear to be too stupid to function. Smart aleck celebrity voice-overs shooting down American stockholders make me want to boycott movies.

Yes, I want everything to be sweet and happy. I don’t turn a blind eye to the misery in this world. Government usually infuriates me. Daily problems sometimes make me see red.

So give me this. Dear advertisers, I beg of you. If you want me to buy your product, make me smile. Let me sing about bread and airplane rides. Bring back the jingle.

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