Fall perfect time to ‘nail it’

D'Nieka Hartsfield

D’Nieka Hartsfield

By D’Nieka Hartsfield

Nieka Style

Now that the season is changing so are our clothes. Some of us are changing our hair, cycling in warmer clothing and shoes. The topic for this week is your manicure and how you’re wearing it this season.

Let’s talk about color choices first. I’ve noticed that the town majority love the solar nails with bright pinks or some other bright color and something to do with glitter. There are the few who love going all out with art designs painted on. Every now and then you will see trends like the ring finger painted a different color (not trending today by the way) or some other form of mulitple colors to add little pop. I missed that train. I prefer a more natural nail color. Besides a French manicure, rarely do I see anyone sporting natural looking nails. Now, when I say natural, I’m referring to clear polishes with maybe a touch of glitter or nude colors.

When I do decide to add polish, it’s usually dark. Whether it’s blue, green or purple it has to be on a deep dark palette no matter what the season. Wearing bright colors on fingernails just doesn’t work for many even when they think it does. But if it’s a must to go bright, just paint your tips. I dont really see the point of painting your entire nail a bright color. But that’s just me. Maybe some think it’s pointless to pay for a mani or pedi if they’re not going to go all out in color or design. If there should be any one rule to what’s good or poor taste for color choices I would at least save the bright colors for the warmer season.

Next up is shaping your nails. When you go into a nail salon, some of the manicurist will have a display of different shapes the customer may have their nails filed. Trending right now is a super long and sharp pointed shape. They call them stilleto nails for those of you unfamiliar. They’re tips are filed to look so sharp that they look like animal claws. Yikes! I don’t care too much for the super long nails because they aren’t very functional for the everyday girl. However, I do find the stilletto shape quite appealing. Not the animal claws version but a more rounded version. I’ve noticed that most women around town stick to their beloved square shape or square round. There aren’t too many of you in the area who give into what’s trending but if you had to compromise you’re next appointment at the salon will be a round stilletto French tip. Now that’s a great look!

D’Nieka Hartsfield writes for Clovis News Journal and Portales News-Tribune. You can contact her at
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