Business professors teach social media marketing

By Alisa Boswell
Managing editor

Social media is the way to market yourself professionally in this day and age, according to Eastern New Mexico University business professors.

The ENMU College of Business hosted a workshop in the Becky Sharp Auditorium last week to share insights with students on how best to market themselves professionally.

The key — social media.

When applying for a job, “imagine how you feel if they say, ‘just give us a link to your LinkedIn page,’ and you say, ‘I don’t have one.’ You just disqualified yourself right there,” said Assistant Professor of Management Robert Schneider, who told his audience that most modern day employers look for employee prospects on LinkedIn, and some even go as far as to search for your home on Google Maps to see the quality of care you give it.

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking website geared towards connecting professionals with one another.

“Even though LinkedIn is not cool, it opens up career opportunities,” said Matt Haney, assistant professor of management.

Schneider said LinkedIn is how he got his job with ENMU.

“Even places in Portales, New Mexico, are using technology to hire for jobs,” he said. “Everything is public now. So get the beer pong off your porch and off your Facebook.”

Schneider said it is important to portray a professional persona on your LinkedIn page and a professional-looking photo, and don’t let personal acquaintances connect with you — the site is for making professional connections, not for posting silly things on your friend’s wall.

But, said Schneider, despite Facebook being for socializing, it is also important to be conscientious of what you put on there as well, because it reflects badly with potential employers if you have inappropriate photos or posts.

“They (potential employers) are looking for a reason to disqualify you, and social media is a good way to disqualify yourself,” he said. “I can guarantee most of you have something  on your Facebook right now that would disqualify you.”

“You have to think about what you’re posting and what it portrays or what you want to portray to a prospective employer,” said Communication Services Social Media Coordinator Desiree Cooper, adding that if it’s not something you would want mom or grandma to see, it’s probably not something you want a potential employer to see as well.

College of Business Dean Janet Buzzard told students in closing that working business internships while you’re in college is a very good idea, because they almost always lead to jobs.

“Create your network and get your cyber profiles out there,” she advised.