Self control best way to govern

Libertarianism is often described as the advocacy of maximum liberty and minimum government. The "maximum liberty" part is pretty easy to understand, once you really understand what liberty is. As long as your actions don't harm another person physically, and don't take or damage his personal property, you are within your rights to do anything. […]

My turn: Dora woman proves everybody can contribute

On the walls at Dora School last week were flyers that read, "Got food? Some don't." In the center was a photo of a young woman known very well to that school. Sarah Walker is a 20-year-old daughter of the Dora community (her real parents are Lisa and Lewis Walker, but many of us claim […]

Political filtering counter productive

I go to Roger Ebert's website for movie reviews. I get his newsletter for interesting movie trailers. I came to his Facebook page Monday and got disappointment. It wasn't with Ebert (although we have our disagreements about "The Usual Suspects"). It was with a reader, whose letter to the editor Ebert shared: "I've been a […]

TRICARE fee hike still on table

The House armed services subcommittee on military personnel has declined to give the Obama administration new authority it sought to phase in higher TRICARE fees on military retirees over the next four years and to peg future TRICARE fee hikes to medical inflation nationwide. But in marking up its version of the fiscal 2013 defense […]

My turn: Neighborhood walkers make parade

A steady cast of characters streams past my front porch. I enjoy my own personal viewing area as I take in this show. While I sit on my old glider, or work at the ever present weeds, the neighborhood passes by. Many of them have dogs in tow. Our college professor, the airman recently home […]

McGee: Growing a garden of weeds

I was riding my bicycle along one of our streets the other day and noticed some yellow flowers. I thought they brightened up the vacant lot. I saw yellow flowers; I knew many more folks would just see weeds. I ponder weeds a lot because at times in my life they've meant yard work. For […]

In search of ponies: Bunnies have hand in heating up Earth

Invariably, the issue of weird weather comes up these days, especially with record temperatures set on a regular basis and extreme phenomenon rising to the top of headlines fairly often. Global warming is the answer the experts almost always arrive at — melting ice caps at the hands of humans who didn't heed the warnings […]

Repentance prayers can make a difference

National Day of Prayer is Thursday. Please be in prayer lifting up the needs of our nation. We must have a deep resolve. We do this with conviction looking the enemy in the eye saying, "You cannot have this country!" Let us seek the Lord for the spiritual revival in our land. May we listen […]

Their view: Good health easily attained, maintained

Gordon Filepas is a father and an author on a mission to educate Americans about health matters. Here is an excerpt from a recent column. Everyone's complaining about America's increasing health and obesity issues and wondering how to solve these problems while also reducing health-care costs. They make it sound like a big, complicated mystery […]

Government more like unruly dog

George Washington is quoted as saying, "Government is not reason. It is not eloquence. It is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." Unfortunate-ly, in spite of this awareness, he chose to be a part of the problem. His assessment still holds up, although I think government is more like […]

My turn: Festival brings community together

I am not sure what the official population is these days in Milnesand, but even with a generous mileage allowance, you would be hard-pressed to get into double figures. That is why it is truly amazing to watch this community rally each year to host the High Plains Prairie Chicken Festival. When I say "community," […]

Media hypes fear of sex offenders

A friend of mine found out via cell phone app that a registered sex offender lived on her block. Now she regrets letting her kids play in the front yard. An acquaintance's friend used the same app, and discovered a registered sex offender lived eight blocks away. Now she's concerned for her safety. Another friend […]

Their view: State disproportionately impacted by federal cuts

Paul Gessing, president of New Mexico's Rio Grande Foundation, a research and educational organization dedicated to promoting prosperity for New Mexico, writes about the perilous condition of the federal budget. Generally, the Rio Grande Foundation focuses primarily on state and local policy issues. Nonetheless, given New Mexico's status as one of, if not the, most […]

Payments to military may rise

So far, several hundred military members who lost homes to illegal foreclosure actions by big banks and mortgage servicers have received settlements of $116,785 apiece for economic loss and emotional distress. They also have been paid any equity lost plus interest. The number of hefty payments to military members and recently-separated veterans likely will swell […]

Dogs have own way of acclimating to camping trip

T he other weekend we took our dogs with us to the mountains, their first road trip with us. There's Lilly the Aussie mix and Buddy the cocker mix. Lilly is adventuresome and likes to herd things, Buddy likes to stand around with his "dog smile" and wag his tail. When it was time to […]

Return of miller moths best appreciated from porch

During the daylight hours it's easy to forget they exist, but as the sun falls they emerge and in the blink of an eye, they're everywhere. Their shadows flicker by the window and agitate your peripheral vision; they cover the walls, tickle your skin as they pass by and make you think it's snowing in […]

Their view: Celebrity reaction to Dick Clark’s death

Music and television icon Dick Clark died Wednesday at 82. Here are some celebrity reactions, as reported by The Associated Press: "This is a sad day. He was a dear friend, supporting me and my music for all of my years in the business. A great businessman and a true gentleman. An inspiration. My heart […]

No justice in Florida teen’s slaying

One recent big national news story where I seem to differ with a lot of libertarians is the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin shooting. I have seen the prevailing voices shift support behind whichever of the two the latest reports seem to vindicate. I continue to support both, and neither. Which is to say I support truth […]

My turn: Festival opportunity to appreciate nature

As surely as the swallows return to San Juan Capistrano, we have our own annual migratory milestone in south Roosevelt County. This weekend 100 bird-lovers will flock to Milnesand from seven states and Canada to participate in the 11th High Plains Prairie Chicken Festival, highlighted by treks to the leks (breeding grounds) of our native […]

Their view: Buffett rule still makes Main Street sense

Lew Prince, managing partner of an independent music store, Vintage Vinyl, in St. Louis and member of Business for Shared Prosperity, supports the "Buffett Rule." As a music store owner, the Buffett I'm usually concerned with is Jimmy Buffett of Margaritaville. But a bunch of lobbying groups who claim to represent small business are making […]