More research needed in combat care

Perhaps the most significant life-saving advancement in combat medicine in Afghanistan and Iraq was refinement of tourniquets and training to keep wounded warriors with shattered or missing limbs from bleeding out. Another notable gain was faster medical evacuations of wounded to reach increasingly higher levels of care, thanks to enhanced communication and transport capabilities, said […]

When it rains, it pours

Why in the Sam Hill does the little speck of dust on a smoke detector always trigger the horrific screaming of the gadget around 2:17 in the morning? Why in this wide world does the huge horse fly stay safely hidden somewhere in your kitchen right up until the moment guests sit down to dine […]

It’s time for US to bring in immigrants

The time has come for the United States to ease the burden on our European allies and to bring to America some of the hundreds of thousands of desperate migrants fleeing from chaos in the Middle East, Africa and Afghanistan. There appears to be no end in sight to the exodus. That’s why the Obama […]

Novelist talks about nation’s racism

After working a day as a maid at a Clovis motel, future novelist Kathleen M. (Doran) Rodgers finagled an interview with the late Bill Southard, Clovis News-Journal managing editor. He told the 19-year-old he didn’t have an opening, but he hired her anyway. Southard wrote western novels as W. W. Southard. “This planted a seed […]

State is burdensome with licensing

The Rio Grande Foundation is an unabashedly free market organization, often labeled “conservative.” That doesn’t mean we don’t agree with the political left on various policy issues, but it does mean that opportunities for such agreement require an honest assessment of reform opportunities and principles. An ever-growing area on which left and right might agree […]

You can always tell winter’s coming by creatures’ retreat

It won’t be official for a little while yet, and when it’s still hot enough for summer clothes most days, it is easy to live in denial but the cooler morning and evening temperatures in the region are one of those tell-tale signs — fall is upon us. Of course fall means different things to […]

A tip of the hat

I’ve worn a few hats in my time — straw hats in the garden, fancy little tea-party numbers, hiking caps. And I’ve worn a variety of collars as well — satin lapels at formal gatherings, turtleneck sweaters for frosty events, button-downs in the classroom. But the one I’ve spent the most time in and around has been […]

Job makes me mindful of dollars

Every weekend, a portion of my time is spent doing the payroll for our business. So every weekend, I spend a little time thinking about taxes. I watch those men working hard to earn their paychecks, and it’s my job to get all the money into the various accounts. Being the person in charge of […]

Fair offers chance to help local child

At the ripe old age of 2, Eliza Dodd is not likely to remember, but she’s destined to be the biggest celebrity at the 2015 Roosevelt County Fair. The pint-sized Melrose native has captured a lot of High Plains hearts this summer as she’s been engaged in a battle for her life against HUS, or […]

A better late than never apology

One year a high school student was asked to be a judge at the county fair talent show. There was a little boy who played a patriotic piece on the piano, all dressed up, oozing with stage presence. Overall, she thought he gave the best and most crowd-pleasing performance. She gave him the highest marks. […]

Women should dress according to their comfort

Anna George

People watch movies set in the 1950s and laugh at the idea of a woman waiting eagerly for her husband to get home, so she can wait on him hand and foot. We watch our mothers, our grandmothers, our coworkers, our friends all challenge the idea every day that women cannot succeed in business the […]

Feeling lucky to have modern conveniences

There was another woman in the aisle. She scooted her shopping buggy over a bit so I could join her in the search. She was looking on the right-hand side, and I was looking on the left. Down the entire length of the shelves, and 8 feet up on either side, we were scanning the […]

Phrase should go without saying

Lately I’ve been hearing the phrase “Not a problem” as a response to thankfulness. It’s rampant. Just listen today. You’ll be hearing this string of words. Say thanks to a waiter for refilling a glass with ice water. You’ll hear, “Not a problem.” Thank someone for holding the door open. “Not a problem.” While I’m […]

The goodness is overwhelming

Life takes us down paths we never want to travel, throwing medical terms at us we don’t want to learn. This has been a hard month to endure. My darling 2-year-old cousin Eliza became very ill in June. She was diagnosed with HUS — Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome. Following a life flight to Cook Children’s Medical […]

It’s all in the bag

A couple of years before Dora the Explorer came onto the scene, I had already fallen in love with the idea of wearing a mochila and seeing the world. In 1998, we traveled to Bolivia with the racquetball team from Guam. It was my first taste of South American markets, and I was hooked. My […]

That’s life, that’s what people say

When it rains, it pours. There was never an expression so true to life. No doubt it sounds very reminiscent of sulking, but I sometimes I wonder why I can’t take a three-day weekend without being punished for it. Maybe it’s not so much that mayhem breaks loose as soon as you come back home, […]

Farming is an advancing science too

Agriculture has been around for a few thousand years. It’s one of the oldest industries and arguably the most critical industry relative to human survival. Perhaps it is the gravitas of such long and uninterrupted establishment that leads to the social perception that it is a constant, primitive, nigh unchanging field, with tried and true […]

In his perfect time, God fulfills for us

As a young wife, I desired children but that goal was not realized for six long, long years. Six years times 12 months equals 72 months of waiting. As each month began, I refused to hope, then I couldn’t help myself and I began to hope, then once again, I was enduring the bitter disappointment […]

Baseball ghosts fill Bell Park

The history of eastern New Mexico usually begins with Clovis Man about 13,000 years ago, then skips to Billy the Kid at Portales Springs and usually ends up in Norman Petty’s rock and roll recording studio. But my favorite regional ghosts began gathering in a field of dreams on East Seventh Street in Clovis at […]

Great technology for hearing loss

Do you get confused on whether the correct saying is “Here, here” or “Hear, hear?” I do, because both make sense. But “Hear, hear” it is. I’ll continue on with a few words about hearing and the lack thereof, and perhaps that will help cement it into my brain. My husband lost virtually all hearing […]