The goodness is overwhelming

Life takes us down paths we never want to travel, throwing medical terms at us we don’t want to learn. This has been a hard month to endure. My darling 2-year-old cousin Eliza became very ill in June. She was diagnosed with HUS — Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome. Following a life flight to Cook Children’s Medical […]

It’s all in the bag

A couple of years before Dora the Explorer came onto the scene, I had already fallen in love with the idea of wearing a mochila and seeing the world. In 1998, we traveled to Bolivia with the racquetball team from Guam. It was my first taste of South American markets, and I was hooked. My […]

That’s life, that’s what people say

When it rains, it pours. There was never an expression so true to life. No doubt it sounds very reminiscent of sulking, but I sometimes I wonder why I can’t take a three-day weekend without being punished for it. Maybe it’s not so much that mayhem breaks loose as soon as you come back home, […]

Farming is an advancing science too

Agriculture has been around for a few thousand years. It’s one of the oldest industries and arguably the most critical industry relative to human survival. Perhaps it is the gravitas of such long and uninterrupted establishment that leads to the social perception that it is a constant, primitive, nigh unchanging field, with tried and true […]

In his perfect time, God fulfills for us

As a young wife, I desired children but that goal was not realized for six long, long years. Six years times 12 months equals 72 months of waiting. As each month began, I refused to hope, then I couldn’t help myself and I began to hope, then once again, I was enduring the bitter disappointment […]

Baseball ghosts fill Bell Park

The history of eastern New Mexico usually begins with Clovis Man about 13,000 years ago, then skips to Billy the Kid at Portales Springs and usually ends up in Norman Petty’s rock and roll recording studio. But my favorite regional ghosts began gathering in a field of dreams on East Seventh Street in Clovis at […]

Great technology for hearing loss

Do you get confused on whether the correct saying is “Here, here” or “Hear, hear?” I do, because both make sense. But “Hear, hear” it is. I’ll continue on with a few words about hearing and the lack thereof, and perhaps that will help cement it into my brain. My husband lost virtually all hearing […]

Times have changed for Portales

Many of the long, hot, summer days of my childhood in Portales were not so much about north vs. south as much as they were about north meets south. Our childhood home was on North Avenue B, considered the barrio or, as we residents ourselves call it, “Taco Town.” My Grandma Emma happened to live […]

Tiempos han cambiado en Portales

Muchos de los largos y calurosos días de verano de mi infancia en Portales, no se sentía como si vinieran un frente fresco de Norte a Sur, sino mas bien como si se encontraran el Norte con el Sur. Nuestra casa estaba por la Avenida Norte B o en el barrio como lo llamábamos nosotros, […]

Military families prefer food stamps to military food assistance program

The Senate has voted to end a special food allowance stateside that was conceived 14 years ago primarily to avoid more news reports of military families using food stamps. On that original goal it failed miserably. The idea behind the Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance (FSSA) was to offer junior enlisted with large families an alternative […]

Be thankful for your freedoms

Pushing the envelope. We do that in our nation. We climb social ladders, we question our leaders, we don’t settle for status quo. It makes sense to me. The American Dream … achieve more than the last generation, do more for the next one. Somewhere along the line this striving to make things better got […]

It’s that time of year for the best treat

Summer has officially arrived, and that means it’s time to break out the ice cream freezers. All you need is some sugar and cream, then toss in anything else that sounds delicious, and you’ve got yourself one of the best treats in the world. That’s how I go about concocting recipes. I’ve never been very […]

New military retirement proposal supposed to be better designed

Military leaders and Department of Defense pay experts have presented to Congress a reshaped version of that new “blended retirement” system for future service members, saying this one “best enables us to maintain the readiness of the All-Volunteer Force.” Their hope is that Congress will accept the fresh changes quickly and integrate them into the […]

Best things in summer are the simple things

The best things about summer are simple and carefree: • The heavenly scent of honeysuckle on a warm morning; • the sound of a lawnmower and the strong fragrance of freshly cut grass; • the patter of rain on the sidewalk, and the rush of the fresh, earthy aroma that comes with the first drops; […]

Women will be hit hardest by compensation changes

The Obama administration applauds several steps the Senate Armed Services Committee has taken to dampen military compensation growth next year, including support for a third straight pay raise cap, a jump in co-pays on drug prescriptions filled off base, and a deep cut in taxpayer support of commissaries, which is sure to shave shopper savings […]

Fantasies of no more passwords

Seventeen passwords. That’s the number I’ve just counted for online business accounts. I’m not even going to count the personal ones. And this number does not include any of the seven e-mail accounts I must keep up with. Oh my, it’s laborious. We all have our methods for dealing with this. It used to be […]

Bill takes different view on housing allowance

Many of the 40,000 dual-service couples in the military — members married to other service members — have for years drawn combined housing allowances stateside that more than cover their rent and utility costs. The philosophy has been that Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is a key element of military compensation needed to keep pace […]

Killjoy a word I don’t ever want to be called

It isn’t a word I use. I don’t recall even hearing myself say it out loud. But it popped into my head the other day when I’d apparently had enough of a certain attitude. Naturally, I began to wonder where the word came from. It’s so completely telling when used descriptively. Someone, somewhere came up […]

Simple fun was the best summer fun

Summer vacation has officially begun for me, and so I find myself thinking about my childhood summers. They were the bomb. Not because we had money and went to Disneyland or The Grand Canyon. Most of our summer fun was free. What kind of fun in the sun can you have for free? We didn’t […]

Help those in need

Remember when Portales went without running water for a day? Remember how inconvenienced we were for 24 hours? Businesses and schools were shut down. We waited anxiously for word that everything was back to normal. It’s been one month since the first devastating earthquake ravaged the nation of Nepal. So much has happened since then. […]