Military pay cap budget option

The Congressional Budget Office has released a report on military compensation that puts a red laser dot on nearterm pay raises, beneficiary healthcare fees and retirement of future forces as potential cost-saving targets Congress might want to consider in any debt-reduction deal. Thanks in part to what CBO says were pay raises that exceeded private […]

Viewpoint: Budget fixes will not be without pain

The top executives of more than 80 U.S. corporations signed on to a letter calling for a bipartisan solution to the federal government's fiscal problems by looking at the revenue and the spending sides of the ledger. The letter says, "Policy makers should acknowledge that our growing debt is a serious threat to the economic […]

Their view: Higher taxes threatens cattle industry

Joe Parker Jr., a third-generation rancher from Clay County, Texas, is president of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. Here's a snippet from a recent column he wrote about taxes in 2013: If it's true the only two things certain in this earthly life are death and taxes, then we can be sure of […]

Law, at very foundation, irrelevant

How would you behave if there were no laws against murder or theft? How about your friends and relatives? Would any of you go on a rampage? If so, what's really stopping you now? I think people who obey such laws would not do those things in the absence of the laws. I also believe […]

Military Update – Remote network being eliminated

With the presidential election over, Department of Defense officials are expected to announce soon that military retirees and their dependents living more than 40 miles from a military treatment facility or base closure site will lose access to TRICARE Prime, the military's managed care option. These beneficiaries would be expected to shift to TRICARE Standard, […]

Feral pig describes recent election

What I would like to do today is shift focus. Instead of writing about current events, let's together pick a single animal that most reminds us of the election. I'm talking about the election held Tuesday. You may have already blocked that election from memory. It was kind of like going to a really bad […]

Election does not change abuse

The election has come and gone, and even though I am writing this before any actual results are in, I already know the outcome with absolute certainty: Once again a crooked politician has won the presidency and America — specifically the liberty that is the only thing that distinguishes America from any second-rate banana republic […]

Veterans represented county well

Recently, my daughter, her husband and son went to Italy. I told them to go by Monte Cassino. That is where the New Mexico 804 tank destroyer battalion spent four months in 1944 under constant fire from the German Gustav line. The cliffs were filled with their firearms. They took pictures of the new Montecassino […]

Americans have betrayed values

Here's one usage of the term gentleman: The gentleman helped the fallen lady to her feet. Here's another, one we might hear from a newscaster or a police spokesman: Tonight we report on the arrest of two gentlemen who raped, sodomized and murdered an 80-year-old woman. During earlier times, to be called a gentleman meant […]

Election shows need for new rules

This election wore me down, and I'm sure it did the same for many of you. In an effort to prevent such an election in the future, here is my submission for The Voter Rights and Responsibilities Act of 2013. It's part policy, part common sense. It may also be carried in the upcoming lame-duck […]

Government should open market

I will probably never understand those who feel the solution to any problem is to get the government to do something about it. Very few things should ever be subject to a vote, and nothing that would violate the rights of the losing side should ever be put to a vote — nor imposed by […]

Trump committed to wasting time

A few weeks ago, Donald Trump said he had a bombshell that had the potential to change the election. Cue the lights, and it was revealed Trump just wanted to offer a $5 million donation to the charity of President Obama's choice, in return for Obama's college and passport records. The bombshell fizzled. But Trump […]

eBenefits speeds up info access

Conceived in the wake of the Walter Reed scandal as a way for wounded warriors and their families to understand and access benefits, the "eBenefits" web portal has become an online gateway of enormous value and convenience to 2 million registered users. That still leaves a pool of 35 million eligible veterans and military community […]

Struggles lie beyond election win

Willie wants to withdraw as VP on our Green Tea Party ticket. It's not that he thinks "The party of common sense that knows it doesn't know" can't win. With our anti-oxidant, pro-equal-rights agenda, he's afraid that we will. Then we'll have to deal with being commanders in chief, target of everyone's self-interest. We support […]

Martinez should toss chief of staff

Stealth journalistic moves have placed in my possession the private memoir journal of Gov. Susana Martinez, the book wherein she records her innermost thoughts. We listen in on the governor when she has a Very Special Visitor. (After another trying day, the governor reclines on fluffy pillows, reflecting on her humble origins guarding El Paso […]

Control stifles economic process

In normal life, people generally see a monopoly as a bad thing. Lack of competition leads to poor services or products and inflated prices. Customer service gets put on the back burner because the money will come in regardless. Business monopolies can only exist in collusion with government. Without the protectionism of regulation and red […]

Debt balance needs to be reached

Taxpayer support of base grocery stores this fiscal year would fall by $130 million, or 9.4 percent, if Congress fails to reach a debt-reduction deal by Jan. 2. That's the deadline to avoid arbitrary budget cuts mandated by the sequestration mechanism in last year's Budget Control Act. The Office of Management and Budget delivered that […]

State should stay out of economy

The Clovis cosmetics plant fiasco is a good demonstration of the truth that the best thing government can do, about the economy and everything else, is: nothing. It's a result that it seems anyone who doesn't look at life through the "beer goggles" of government could have seen coming. Judging from comments I saw when […]

State should back virtual charters

The fact that New Mexico's education system is in dire need of reform is not lost on citizens of our state. Recent polling found that 75 percent support the simple act of holding back third graders who can't read. This is good news! People clearly want to see reform — and our children deserve the […]

Military Update: Military looks to keep force quality

Soldiers and Marines have had the most deployments, seen the toughest fighting and suffered the greatest number of U.S. casualties in recent wars. And as with most post-war periods, ground forces also will see their career opportunities tighten faster than for other service branches. The Army plans to shed 60,000 troops, or 11 percent of […]