Langrell: Change brings new name, expanded distribution

Change is important in any industry — journalism is no different. Beginning Sunday, our staff will begin producing an innovative newspaper that will be distributed across the High Plains region of New Mexico and into the western portion of Texas. Let me be the first to introduce you to The Eastern New Mexico News. While […]

Editorial: NM boy proof that poor families can overcome

For all those who might believe New Mexico’s poor and minority kids are in a helpless, hopeless situation, 13-year-old Donovan Smith doesn’t fit the mold. His motto is “Do what you can.” That’s how he lives, and the young optimist thinks it’s something anyone can do. The seventh-grader has spent the last two years proving […]

Philpott: Uncertainty still surrounds veteran legislation

Two no-cost initiatives to honor the service of Reserve and National Guard members are edging forward in Congress, though final passage this year is still far from certain. The more familiar of the two bills would bestow honorary “veteran” status on up to 200,000 Reserve and National Guard retirees who can’t now be called military […]

New FDA regulations a good thing

Those black-and-white “Nutrition Facts” printed on packages of food and beverage containers – required by the Food and Drug Administration since 1994 – are getting a much-needed face lift that will give consumers more, and more realistic, information. Most of us have laughed when manufacturers list “two servings” on a bottle of soda that we […]

Hansen: Great hope turned stalemate

I was born about four years after the bombing of Hiroshima marked the start of the nuclear age. The bombing was a ghastly horror, shocking even the flight crew that dropped the weapon, but it shortened the war. Like most people, I have spent my life in its shadow as we commemorate its 70th anniversary. […]

McDonald: Technology takeover a struggle

Older people, such as myself, like to think we’ve acquired the wisdom of the ages. But when it comes to the modern world, the young’ns have a leg up on us. That occurred to me not so long ago when I had some questions about my cell phone account, and I didn’t want to sit […]

Sloan: Two days in a life — trials, blessings

I am writing this from a motel room in Fort Worth, waiting for a consultation tomorrow (last Wednesday) with a surgeon who performed my fourth deviated septum surgery in 2012. He grafted part of a rib to rebuild my septum. It was the only one of my procedures that actually improved my breathing and lessened […]

Memories: Magic and flying

They met in 1968, singing in a church choir in Big Spring, Texas. Portales native Gail Cantrell was teaching school there. Air Force Capt. Alan Trent was stationed at the city’s Webb Air Force Base. They dated, they planned to marry, and he went to Vietnam in December 1969. He never came home. Military officials […]

Letters to the editor — May 29

Editor’s note: Deadline to receive letters to the editor related to the June 7 primary is Tuesday. Letters may be emailed to County commissioners betrayed voters As the primary election draws near, I would like to take this opportunity to bring to the forefront a very important reminder for the voters of Curry County: […]

Editorial: Arming Libya example of bad military plan

The recent decision by the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and more than 20 other nations to allow arms sales to Libya’s fledgling government to fend off the Islamic State and rival militant groups is not only a risky move in terms of world security, it’s another example of the perils of […]

Sloan: Two days in a life — trials, blessings

I am writing this from a motel room in Fort Worth, waiting for a consultation tomorrow (last Wednesday) with a surgeon who performed my fourth deviated septum surgery in 2012. He grafted part of a rib to rebuild my septum. It was the only one of my procedures that actually improved my breathing and lessened […]

Editorial: Jesus story the greatest ever told

For Christians, Easter is the celebration of a risen savior. Despite all our differences — from our positions on abortion and gay rights to our feelings about alcohol consumption or the legalization of marijuana — most Christians can at least agree on what Easter represents: Hope. You don’t even have to be a Christian to […]

Williams: Students need to be on same level as peers

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia ran headlong into the leftist meat grinder by questioning whether college admission of blacks with academic achievement levels significantly lower than the rest of the student body is beneficial to blacks. His question came up during oral arguments in Fisher v. University of Texas, wherein the court will rule whether […]

McDonald: The 2015 year has been busy

When thinking back on 2015, it’s hard not to get personal. It was a significant year for me as well as for the rest of the world. I’ve been writing this column since May 2013. I call it Dispatch New Mexico, though your local newspaper editor might call it something else: “filler” is one word […]

Editorial: Weekend storm reminder winter can be deadly

The fierce storm that buried parts of New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle is a timely reminder that winter can be cruel. From closed interstates to drifting snow to power losses, the long Christmas weekend proved dangerous for thousands of travelers and residents. Gov. Susana Martinez quickly declared a state of emergency. Interstate 40 from […]

Legislators pushing child pornography bill

In an attempt to rein in the explosion of child pornography and change the perception that New Mexico is an ideal place to possess, distribute or manufacture it, three state lawmakers and Attorney General Hector Balderas are making another run at closing a loophole that makes our state a magnet for practitioners of these despicable […]

It’s time for US to bring in immigrants

The time has come for the United States to ease the burden on our European allies and to bring to America some of the hundreds of thousands of desperate migrants fleeing from chaos in the Middle East, Africa and Afghanistan. There appears to be no end in sight to the exodus. That’s why the Obama […]

Novelist talks about nation’s racism

After working a day as a maid at a Clovis motel, future novelist Kathleen M. (Doran) Rodgers finagled an interview with the late Bill Southard, Clovis News-Journal managing editor. He told the 19-year-old he didn’t have an opening, but he hired her anyway. Southard wrote western novels as W. W. Southard. “This planted a seed […]

State is burdensome with licensing

The Rio Grande Foundation is an unabashedly free market organization, often labeled “conservative.” That doesn’t mean we don’t agree with the political left on various policy issues, but it does mean that opportunities for such agreement require an honest assessment of reform opportunities and principles. An ever-growing area on which left and right might agree […]

App good way to learn about state tribes

Long drives to visit relatives are as much a part of the holiday tradition as turkeys and pumpkin pie. Fading, though, are the days when kids battled to find the most out-of-state license plates, or families played “I spy with my little eye” as a unit. Today’s families have a movie running in the back […]