Book review – Sept. 30

'A Man Was a Real Man in Them Days' "A Man Was a Real Man in Them Days" by Rose Powers White In "A Man Was a Real Man in Them Days," the lives and character of the pioneers who dared to challenge the vast prairie of Eastern New Mexico come to life. First-person accounts […]

Anniversary – Sept. 30

Barrett Barrett J.B. and Sue Barrett of Bovina, Texas, will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary 2 p.m.-4 p.m. Oct. 7, 2012, at First Baptist Church in Farwell. The celebration will be hosted by family. The couple was married Oct. 2, 1952, in Flomot, Texas. The have two children, six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. He is […]

Wedding – Sept. 30

Sanford Sanford Patricia Joy Beckwith of Clovis and James Patrick Sanford of Austin, Texas, were joined in marriage Sept. 2, 2012, at The Rose Garden in Clovis. Officiant Sarah Roberts performed the ceremony. The bride is the daughter of Larry and Cheri Strasser of Gobles, Mich., and Pam Strasser of Austin. She is the granddaughter […]

Engagements – Sept. 20

Chambliss-Prewitt Chambliss-Prewitt Susan Chambliss, James Prewitt, and their families would like to invite you as they continue their lives together. 4:30 p.m. Oct. 6, 2012, at the Yam Theater in Portales. They invite family and friends to join in the festivities. — Submitted by James Prewitt Black-Harrelson Black-Harrelson Bill and Wenda Black of Newton, Kan., […]

On the shelves – Sept. 30

The following books are available at: Clovis-Carver Public Library " What Money Can't Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets" by Michael Sandell addresses ethical questions such as whether we should pay our children to get good grades, hire mercenaries to fight our wars, pay people to test risky new drugs or to donate their organs; […]

School menus – Sept. 30

Clovis elementary schools Monday: Breakfast — Breakfast pizza. Lunch — Chicken nuggets, green beans, grape tomatoes, chilled peaches, whole wheat roll. Tuesday: Breakfast — Pancake on a stick. Lunch — Hamburger on a bun, baked fries, leafy green lettuce, tomato, delicious apple. Wednesday: Breakfast — Taco omelet. Lunch — Soft taco, salsa, Romaine lettuce, diced […]

Honors – Sept. 30

Thackrah Ashley Marie Thackrah of Clovis graduated from Kansas State University this summer cum laude with a Bachelor of Science.

Creative Living: Bread shaping tips featured on show

Information on shaping breads and new crafting products will be the featured topics on "Creative Living" 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday and noon on Thursday. (All times are Mountain.) Sharon Davis is with the Home Baking Assn. in Manhattan, Kan., and she's going to demonstrate making breads shaped like Grandma used to do. According to Davis, […]

Senior happenings – Sept. 30

Friendship Senior Center 901 West 13th St. Monday: 9 a.m.-11 a.m. coffee klatch, 1 p.m. Pinochle. Tuesday: 9 a.m.-11 a.m. coffee klatch; 4 p.m. birthday and fun night Wednesday: Garage sale 9 a.m.-2 p.m.; 9 a.m.-11 a.m. coffee klatch; 1 p.m.-4 p.m. Mexican Train Thursday: 9 a.m.-11 a.m. coffee klatch Friday: 9 a.m.-11 a.m. coffee […]

Time to put referee furor in perspective

The regular readers of this column will, I think, attest to the fact that I am anything but pessimistic, or its close relative, cynical. That being said, the recent flap over the missed call by substitute referees during the past Monday's football game, and the resultant furor which arose, point to several things which are […]

‘Sand Hills’ trips mean picnics

Some knew it as Taylor's Grove and even more referred to the place as Oasis State Park. In my circles it was simply "The Sand Hills" growing up. A trip to the "Sand Hills" meant a picnic, playing in the sand dunes and maybe a ballgame. Our first line of attack was always the dunes. […]

Our people: Starting young

Jeshal Patel moved from Los Angeles to Clovis in January 2011 to attend Eastern New Mexico University and help his parents Raj and Mina, manage Motel 7 on Mabry Drive. Patel, who also goes by Jeh, attended boarding school in India from age 9 to 18. He now studies electrical engineering at ENMU. His expected […]

Our people: Clovis resident Fred Tate says working is his passion

For Fred K. Tate, 80, work has never been an issue for him. Since he was a child, Tate remembers working to make money for his family. Today he owns Pop's place and has been running the restaurant for 13 years. From Clantonville, Ark., he moved to Tulsa, Okla., where he did electric work on […]

Parents should lead prayers

No doubt Satan probably got a kick out of the headlines in the newspaper in Portales last week. "Prayer ruling upheld" relating to a ban on coach led prayer in City League sports. Hopefully the devil read a little further into the story and saw that maybe he hadn't exactly won this one after all. […]

School menus – Sept. 23

Clovis elementary schools Monday: Breakfast — Breakfast scramble. Lunch — Meat and cheese nachos, garden salad and ranch, mini carrots, applesauce. Tuesday: Breakfast — Cinnamon roll. Lunch — Popcorn chicken, mashed potatoes, mixed green salad, delicious apple, whole wheat roll. Wednesday: Breakfast — Sausage biscuit. Lunch — Homemade meat and bean burrito, salsa, celery sticks […]

Engagements – Sept. 23

Contreras-Sosa Contreras-Sosa Martin and Adela Contreras of Hereford, Texas, are pleased to announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Sylvia Vanesa Contreras of Hereford, to Fernando Sosa of Clovis, son of Guadalupe and Carmen Enriquita Sosa of Clovis. The celebration will take place Sept. 29, 2012, at San Jose Church in Hereford. The […]

Anniversaries – Sept. 23

Sumner Robert and Joy Sumner of Clovis will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sept. 29, 2012, at 3701 Ben Crenshaw in Clovis. The celebration will be hosted by their sons, Lee and Alan Sumner. The couple was married Oct. 3, 1962, at Hamlin Memorial Methodist Church in Farwell. They […]

Club notes – Sept. 23

Claud Rainy Day Extension Club The Claud Rainy Day Extension Club met 1:30 p.m. Sept. 12 at Muffley's Back Door with hostesses Ann Carter and Lucille Johnson. President Ann Carter presided at the business meeting. All recited the Extension "Club Collect." Prayer included the family of Lois Hollinsworth, recently deceased, Reba Camp recently moved, Hildegunde […]

Creative Living: Dyeing tips featured on show

Information on Shibori dyeing with Rit fabric dye, incorporating hardware in needlepoint designs, and creating faux finishes on walls will be the featured topics on "Creative Living" 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday. and noon on Thursday. (All times are Mountain.) Ann Butler is a designer, author and instructor for Creative Industries, and she's going to demonstrate […]

On the shelves – Sept. 23

The following books are available at: Clovis-Carver Public Library "Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity" by Catherine Boo tells the dramatic and sometimes heartbreaking story of families striving toward a better life in one of the 21st century's great, unequal cities in a bewildering age of global change and […]