Letters to the Editor – April 17

Progress on road work like watching grass grow The children of Israel wandered in the wilderness 40 years seeking the promised land. It appears Roosevelt County may exceed that record in completing work on North Avenue O. Two weeks indeed! Charlie Sorgen Portales Adult-language show must not be accepted silently "What's shocking is that nothing […]

Eradication standards run afoul to property rights

A serious consideration of private property rights is lacking in discussions regarding the decision to curtail Ned Houk Park's prairie dog population. Whether or not a person is for or against poisoning these rodents, a mistake is made by both sides when the debate is argued dichotomously. The only thing landowners are categorically opposed to […]

Minimum wage is stealth tax hike

The minimum wage hoax: Who wins? Who loses? I am not an economist nor do I have a college degree. However, I do have a brain. I can add and subtract, and have been in the labor force since I was 14. Follow me here. The Legislature proposed a dollar minimum wage increase to $8.50 […]

Letters to the editor: Abandoning God has ruined nation

When I was a young child growing up in the Baby Boomer generation, Elvis was coming on the scene. Many of our parents and grandparents said this music with the suggestive pelvis motions would be the downfall of our country. Was it? Did it contribute to the demise of our country's moral status? Undoubtedly the […]

Their view: Couple victim of state paternalism

Ben Sugg, a limited government proponent, offers this view on land rights: Federal overreach and the unending growth of Washington's power has been a real problem for decades. That may be a trite statement these days with Washington now in firm control of Americans' health care, but a real-world example from right here in New […]

Their view: Senate should pass House proposal to avoid fiscal cliff

Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson issued the following statement urging the Senate to act on legislation that would avert the fiscal cliff of tax increases on every American: "Although the Senate has passed legislation that would affect tax rates at the start of the new year, the bill itself is unconstitutional, as S. […]

Letters to the editor: Clean energy key to our future

The Dec. 11 newspaper had an informative article about lawmakers pushing for an extension to wind energy tax credits. Our two senators and one representative, Ben Lujan, are for the extension. Ken Starcher, associate director at Alternative Energy Institute at West Texas A&M, explained the importance of the tax credit to speed up the development […]

Letter to the editor: Massacre shows nation lost connection with Creator

U.S. "massacre events" since 1966 total 36 and nearly 350 murders — a profile of a nation that has lost its soul and its connection with its Creator! This is reflected not only in these demonic acts of carnage, but also in our media and leaders who ask the endless string of empty "Whys." "Political […]

Letter to the editor: Animal control officers need protective vests

On Nov. 28, Animal Control Officer Roy Marcum was shot and killed in the line of duty at a Galt, Calif., home that was supposed to be vacant due to a foreclosure and eviction the day prior. Having lived in Galt for many years, this story caught my attention. The first thought that came to […]

Letter to the editor: Community cannot become complacent

In 2005, Portales and Clovis collectively held their breaths as Cannon Air Force Base was placed on the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) list. With a lot of hard work and lobbying by the public and politicians, Cannon received "enclave" status, and a new mission, Special Operations. But we must not become complacent. There's talk […]