Johnson: Dogs occupy unique place in family

The more kids there are, the worse it can get — and like a teacher doing roll call, many a parent or grandparent has had to list off the name of each child in the family until they click on the name of the one they are trying to beckon from the other room, or […]

Pages past — May 21

On this date … 1976: A U.S. District Court jury in Albuquerque convicted four men on conspiracy charges involving a scheme to transport stolen luxury cars from New Mexico to California. Two eastern New Mexico men were among those convicted and facing up to five years in prison. The trial lasted two weeks. The jury […]

City gets interim budget

By Anna George Staff Writer At the Tuesday Portales City Council meeting, Marilyn Rapp, city financial director, presented city councilors with an interim budget that has decreased in revenue since the 2015-16 fiscal year. Rapp said the interim budget involves rough numbers that will be more narrowed down as the process continues and before […]

Native returns ordained

By Anna George Staff Writer On Saturday, Portales native Ted Butler takes his final step in joining the Catholic priesthood after years of hard work and spiritual education. Butler returned to Portales from Connecticut, where he attended The Holy Apostles Seminary for five years, on his journey to Santa Fe, where he will be […]

Q&A: Police Chief Pat Gallegos

Editor’s note: This is the final story in a series of stories about local police officers for National Law Enforcement Week. Portales Police Department Chief Pat Gallegos has been the chief of the department for almost three years. He sat down with the Portales News-Tribune to update the community on recent happenings and the progression […]

Brown: Pile of junk deceiving

First Impressions can be misleading. Sometimes, that initial judgement call is right, sometimes it is plain wrong, and sometimes, it’s both. Let’s play a game. Imagine you’re out on the farm, bopping down a dirt road, and you come upon a towering pile of eclectic, but heavy, pieces of stuff parked in the corner of […]

To do list — May 20

Today • Bennett’s Amusements Carnival — 5 p.m.-10 p.m. at Roosevelt County Fairgrounds. Admission: Free. Armbands: $20. Information: 575-226-3783 • PHS graduation — 7 p.m.-9 p.m. at Greyhound Arena. Information: 575-356-7000 Saturday • Bennett’s Amusements Carnival — 1 p.m.-10 p.m. at Roosevelt County Fairgrounds. Admission: Free. Armbands: $20. Information: 575-226-3783 Sunday • Bennett’s Amusements Carnival […]

Pages past — May 20

On this date … 1966: Clovis city officials were debating whether businesses operated out of individual homes in residential zones should be closed. City Attorney Harry Patton told city commissioners that anyone operating a business in a residential-only zone was violating the law. Mayor Ted Waldhauser said he had no interest in running anyone out […]

Rodriguez: On the first day of vacation …

“Do any Baby Boomers of Generation Xers know who Sister Mary Elephant is?” Here is a hint, “Class. Class! CLASS! SHUT UP!” “Thank you!” I just finished my second full year of teaching in the public schools, and no, I have never told my class to “Shut up!” However, I came upon this old Cheech […]

A day in the life on patrol

Staff photo: Eamon Scarbrough
Portales Police Officer James Beatty writes a report Tuesday afternoon in his patrol unit. Beatty said that he is a police officer because he wanted to protect his community.

Editor’s note: This is one in a series of stories about local police officers for National Law Enforcement Week. STAFF REPORT A day in the life of a patrol officer is a combination of several different parts, and that combination is constantly changing., according to Portales Police Officer James Beatty. For Beatty, a nightly shift […]

Officials approve resolution for water conservation

STAFF REPORT City of Portales officials are looking to educate local residents on water conservation. At Tuesday’s Portales City Council meeting, councilors approved a resolution promoting water conservation after hearing a presentation by Public Works Director John DeSha. According to DeSha, the resolution will focus on educating Portales citizens on water conservation. “Water is one […]

University summer semester different

By Anna George PNT Staff Writer After only three short weeks of calm, Eastern New Mexico University faculty, staff and students will already be headed back to the grind on June 3 for the beginning of the summer semester. The summer semester consists of two four-week sessions as well as an eight-week session, but […]

To do list — May 19

Today • Maypole event — 8 p.m. at Ram Athletic Center. Information: 575-356-7000 • Bennett’s Amusements Carnival — 5 p.m.-10 p.m. at Roosevelt County Fairgrounds. Admission: Free. Armbands: $20. Information: 575-226-3783 Friday • Bennett’s Amusements Carnival — 5 p.m.-10 p.m. at Roosevelt County Fairgrounds. Admission: Free. Armbands: $20. Information: 575-226-3783 Saturday • Bennett’s Amusements Carnival […]

School news — May 19

ENMU to host basketball camp ENMU is hosting a basketball individual skills camp for boys and girls in grades K-12 June 13-16 in Greyhound Arena. They will receive instruction from college coaches and players, a T-shirt, basketball and lunch each day for a discounted rate of $70. The camp will run from 9 a.m. to […]

Williamson: Here’s to pie in your face

Would you be willing to take a pie in the face for a worthy cause? Good news: Unless your name is in this article, you’re safe for now. But 14 Eastern New Mexico community and business leaders are hoping you will clean out your change bowl and help them earn the right to throw, rather […]

Pages past — May 19

On this date … 1976: Funding and instructors were in place; the only thing holding up the start of a DWI school in eastern New Mexico was lack of students. Michael McGinnis, designated to head the school in Clovis, said students had to come from courts that made DWI school a condition of retaining a […]

Lubbock man arrested for fatal crash in March

By Alisa Boswell Managing editor A Lubbock man was arrested Wednesday morning regarding a fatal vehicle crash that occurred in Portales in March. Jerry Nale, 18, was the driver of the vehicle involved in the fatal crash, which occurred in the early morning hours of March 29 in Portales. Three people were in the […]

Q&A: Air Force Secretary visits Cannon

Staff photo: Tony Bullocks
Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James takes time Tuesday afternoon at Cannon AFB to answers a few questions from the media during her visit.

U.S. Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James visited Cannon Air Force Base on Tuesday. She agreed to a short interview before an aerial tour of the facilities. Can you tell us about your mission here? What do you want to see? What have you seen already? Well, this is my first trip to Cannon Air […]

Q&A: ENMU student to return as officer


Editor’s note: The following is the first in a series of stories on local police officers for National Law Enforcement Week. The Eastern New Mexico University Police Department is set to get one of their officers back from the state this week. Elijah Saina, 28, a criminal justice graduate from ENMU, is set to graduate […]

Elida mayor requests funding for fire department

By Kurt Munz-Raper Staff Writer At Tuesday morning’s Roosevelt County Commission meeting, Elida Mayor Durward Dixon expressed concern over the county funding given to the Elida Fire Department. Last year, the budget decreased from $6,700 to $3,500, according to Dixon, who pointed out that this year’s budget proposal is set to decrease the amount […]