Immigration control breaks law

By Kent McManigal Local columnist Government at every level throughout America needs to obey the U.S. Constitution — the highest law of the land — to the letter. All federal, state and local governments need to tightly control and regulate who is allowed to enter our country, and make sure those allowed in are complying […]

Result-oriented system better for schools

Washington, D.C., bureaucrats are arguing whether New Mexico should lose $34 million in federal special education funding because it didn’t spend as much on those students in 2011 as it did in 2009. Ditto for 2012. To be clear, this is a dollars-out-the-door equation with spending, not results, as the bottom line. The feds don’t […]

Savings, conservation start with small steps

In the annals of ideas to save taxpayer dollars, we liked one suggestion from a 14-year-old from the Pittsburgh area. His simple but brilliant idea? Use lighter type fonts and save ink. That’s it. The idea began as a science fair project. Suvir Mirchandani wanted to help his Pittsburgh-area middle school cut waste; so, for […]

Smarter to supply Europe coal than gas

Jim Constantopolous Guest columnist As much as we would like to use America’s abundance of natural gas as a political lever against Russia’s Vladimir Putin, uncertainty over the demand for relatively high-cost U.S. gas will likely force us to be more realistic about what we can accomplish. A better strategy would be to supply Europe […]

Insight gleaned from homeless young man

Wendel Sloan Local columnist Around Portales I’ve seen numerous people holding up “need help” signs. In the past, mostly because of traffic, I seldom stopped. Lately, I’ve been donating a few bucks. Most recently, I parked and motioned a young man over. His handmade sign, written with red marker on white paper taped to brown […]

Injection drug source should be revealed

T he writing of another chapter in Texas’ troubled history with the death penalty is under way, and is being shaped by questions about the state’s supply of lethal injection drugs and the right of the public to know what is being used in its name. Last month, State District Court Judge Suzanne Covington in […]

Costco missed opportunity for good will

Kent McManigal Local columnist Like just about everyone else around here, I was dismayed to see 58 truckloads — 950,000 jars — of perfectly good Sunland peanut butter, packaged for Costco Wholesale, go into the Clovis landfill. That is a tremendous waste. Facilitating the sale of the bankrupt Sunland Inc. was one of the justifications […]

Important that UNM fiscal accountability talks continue

Last week, the University of New Mexico Board of Regents rejected a general increase in tuition — a move that under the best of circumstances will force the university administration to look for savings to finance faculty and staff raises, could help limit student debt, and should force a conversation on UNM’s future. Regent Jamie […]

Prized military discounts at risk

Crowds that shop daily in base commissaries and exchanges perhaps are oblivious to a confluence of forces threatening to dismantle their multi-billion dollar resale systems. Thomas C. Shull, chief executive officer of the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) is not, which helps to explain his March 17 memo proposing a merger of commissaries […]

Mission statement makes IRS stalling more unacceptable

If the Internal Revenue Service was auditing you, and you whined that getting all the documentation agents wanted was too hard and would take you years, what do you think the response would be? Exactly. Yet that’s the game IRS chief John Koskinen is playing with the U.S. House Government Oversight and Reform Committee. Apparently, […]