Separate panel to review Martens case good idea

Yes, a request by a state senator for an independent investigation into whether the state agency tasked with protecting children did all it was supposed to do in the case of Victoria Martens looks a lot like political grandstanding and would not appear to have any basis in law. But it’s not a bad idea. […]

Sloan: Urban legends entertaining untruths

My book-of-the-month summary for August is “Encyclopedia of Urban Legends” (Norton, 2001, 525 pages) by Jan Harold Brunvand. Urban legends are false, but perpetuated as fact through word-of-mouth, social media, lame-stream media, etc. Excerpts: • A college library sunk into the ground because the architect forgot to calculate the weight of books. • Santa is […]

Wilson: Cold-brew coffee a curse at 3 a.m.

Ever since the Keurig coffee makers first became a thing, with its one-cup-at-a-time convenience, I’ve wanted to make a Beerig that operated on the same philosophy. Push a button, fresh brewed tastiness … but I lack the fermentation knowledge to even know if this is possible under Earth’s laws of physics. Instead, I relegate myself […]

McRaven protest message deserves nation’s attention

“It marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. It rocketed into space on the shoulder patches of women, gays, Hispanic, Asian and African American astronauts.” What is “it”? This isn’t a quiz, and that question is why normally we don’t start a sentence with “it.” So let us end the false suspense: “It” is the American […]

McDonald: Trump lies insult to intelligence

Take a deep breath, I tell myself, it’s only campaign hyperbole. We’ve witnessed election-year spin over and over through the years. But last week’s remarks by Donald Trump are breathtaking in their intended deception. It turns out, Trump declared after years of fanning the flames of the “birther controversy,” that President Barack Obama was born […]

Sloan: Taco truck idea food for thought

When Marco Gutierrez, a founder of Latinos for Trump, suggested Mexican immigrants could lead to taco trucks on every corner, voters salivated. My favorite meme showed Forrest Gump running down a highway toward a taco truck. Candidates could butter-up voters by expanding the taco-truck-on-every-corner concept. Inspired by Forrest Gump, politicians could offer pan-fried, stir-fried, deep-fried, […]

Wilson: You can have a million dollars, but…

I want a million dollars. But my Powerball chances aren’t that good. And my chances of a lucrative career in journalism? Well, let’s see that Powerball ticket again. But there’s still imagination, or sometimes even a funny video. In a conversation I had with a friend, we discussed an awful scenario that we would both […]

Laws to limit drone use waste of time

Clovis’ planning and zoning commissioners talked about drones last week. More specifically, they talked about whether they should try and control them. They can’t. And they should not. P&Z Commissioner Carolyn Spence said she’s heard complaints about the small, remotely controlled aircraft from area residents. One person told Spence he saw a drone take a […]

Department of Aging looks bad for firing advocate

It’s absurd that the state Department of Aging and Long-Term Services would fire a long-time advocate for the elderly because she did the right thing — followed state law by releasing properly redacted records of ombudsman visits to boarding homes in Las Vegas, New Mexico. The department claims the reports were exempt from disclosure under […]

McDonald: Way to control stress is to unplug

In the beginning, people communicated face-to-face, or at least within earshot of each other. It was primitive but effective enough, and the social creature we call “human” evolved into the dominant species we are today. Then came long-distance communication through messengers and the mail, followed by the invention of the telegraph to speed it all […]

‘Keep it in the Ground’ easier said than done

There’s something deceptively appealing about ultimatums, the black-and-white totality of a “Just Say No” or “Keep it in the Ground” campaign. But despite their simplistic appeal, every parent of a teenager will tell you ultimatums rarely work unless the proper supports are in place. Studies show former first lady Nancy Reagan’s zero-tolerance anti-drug campaign failed […]

Sloan: Some things mean zilch in politics

Issues I find non-substantive in the presidential race include: • Clinton’s health: We all die. • Trump’s hair: Most jokes about genetics are lame. • Clinton’s emails: I don’t understand why she used a private email server, but I know she won’t do it again. Politicians, like the rest of us, should be allowed to […]

Wilson: I had quite a good round after all

It stood in the corner, reminding me of so many mornings I found better things to do. But today was Labor Day, and I really had nothing better to do than hit the city par 3 golf course. Since I returned to New Mexico from vacation with a set of clubs at the end of […]

Door open for EpiPen competition

A whopping 547 percent increase! Ka-ching! The price for a two-pack of life-saving EpiPens has risen from about $94 to about $608 over eight years. Good for Mylan N.V. investors. Not so much for consumers. Of course, Mylan, which owns the rights to market EpiPens, says it’s not price gouging with a product that’s been […]

Sloan: Too much outrage over rituals

I may as well chime in on NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick sitting during the National Anthem. If nothing else, he sparked robust discussion about the First Amendment. The National Anthem’s third verse extols killing slaves who escaped their masters to fight with the British during the Revolutionary War: “No refuge could save the hireling and […]

Wilson: ‘Tommy Boy’ remains Oscar-worthy

Life provides us with great, unanswered questions daily. Why are we here? How is it I use the same ingredients and instructions, and still cook food that isn’t as good as when my parents make it? Why do left turners cut into another driver’s lane when the intersection provides all the turning area they need? […]

School should monitor students, staff better

It’s reasonable to expect that school personnel assigned to monitor students should be doing just that, not monitoring their personal cellphones. A lawsuit filed against Rio Rancho Public Schools and several officials at V. Sue Cleveland High School alleges teachers and a coach were paying attention to their phones instead of the students one day […]

McDonald: Vote pacts may ease voting fears

Here we are, about 10 weeks from Election Day, a good time to assess the race for the presidency. Hillary Clinton has been riding a solid lead in the polls for weeks now, since the party conventions in July, and that’s pushed Donald Trump to shake up his campaign staff and to stay on script. […]

Borden: Get tips to cope with busy lives

Information on choosing a new sewing machine, making animal caricatures from papier mache, and salad making will be the featured topics on “Creative Living” on Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. and on Thursday at noon. (All times are Mountain.) Kerri Forrest represents Bernina Sewing Machine, and she sells sewing machines in her own business. She’s going […]

Trump’s call on Clinton hits close to mark

Hillary Clinton has steadfastly maintained she kept the Clinton Foundation at arm’s length during her tenure as secretary of state to avoid conflicts of interest. Republican Donald Trump has routinely scoffed at her explanation, saying Mrs. Clinton fostered a “pay to play” system, calling it a “scam” in which the Clintons traded access to the […]