Canada owed answer on pipeline

President Obama told the National Governors Association this week that his long-awaited decision on the Keystone XL pipeline could come in a couple of months. The $5.3 billion pipeline — first proposed in 2008 — would cross the border from Canada, connect with existing pipelines in the Midwest, and eventually move about 800,000 barrels a […]

In-flight cell phone usage should be airlines’ call

Why would Congress jump into the debate over whether people should be able to talk on their cellphones while flying on airplanes? The answer is obvious: political pandering while avoiding some of the real issues the people we send to Washington should deal with. Like the fact the country is headed for financial disaster. A […]

Away from gridiron, poetry reigns

• How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” — Elizabeth Barrett Browning   • “Love, if you knew the light — That your soul casts in my sight.” — Robert Browning   Before the Jan. 1 Fiesta Bowl in Arizona, I happened upon the sixth-ranked Baylor University Bears practicing indoors in Waco, […]

Act of kindness inspires pay-it-forward attitude

Just when you think, that things are really bad around here, someone comes along and brightens your day. My husband and I went to the Yam theater on Thursday and enjoyed listening and dancing to Will Banister and the Modern Day Ramblers. I left my purse in the theater, and did not realize it until […]

Event celebration brought about unintended results

I am writing to apologize for the 5 a.m. fireworks that occurred without warning last Saturday morning. The university has received more than a few emails and phone calls about the noise and confusion this caused. The fireworks occurred at the conclusion of the university-sponsored “Up All Night” function, an exceptional event dedicated to raising […]

Nuclear waste storage should be top priority

Zero. That’s essentially the tolerance level for radiation escaping from the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, according to N.M. Environment Secretary Ryan Flynn. WIPP, near Carlsbad, is the nation’s only deep underground repository for U.S. nuclear defense waste. WIPP operators are scrambling to figure out what caused radioactive plutonium and americium to be detected on Feb. […]

Thank you for bringing us a little heaven

Almost 21 years ago, Joan Clayton marched into the Portales News-Tribune offices and pitched an idea for an inspirational column. She’d write it weekly, she said, for free. “I don’t write for money,” friends have heard her say many times since then. “I write for Jesus.” Then-Publisher Lone Beasley did not know Clayton at the […]

Rights are to be asserted, defended

Often when I hear people speak of “rights” they seem to be saying rights are something others are required to respect. Or even give them. The truth is rights are something you need to assert. They are nothing if you don’t defend them from all threats. A right is something you don’t need to ask […]

Education clock needs turning back — Letter to the editor

The decline of public education has continued along the parallel lines of the removal of prayer, discipline, quality-core subjects that instill self-discipline (arts, science, social studies and vocational classes), work ethics, honesty and trust. Public schools have allowed the almighty dollar and politics to dictate education quality and a well-rounded education curriculum. The irony of […]

U.S. customs legislation needs a fair hearing

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has “a priority mission of keeping terrorists and their weapons out of the U.S. It also has a responsibility for securing the border and facilitating lawful international trade and travel while enforcing hundreds of U.S. laws and regulations, including immigration and drug laws.” It is difficult, to say the least, […]