Good news for football, finances

And now for some good news: One of New Mexico’s best high school football players has decided to stay home and go to college at Eastern New Mexico University. Kamal Cass, who runs 40 yards in 4.4 seconds and set Clovis High School career records for rushing and touchdowns, made his announcement on Wednesday. The [...]

Teach kids science, not ‘controversy’

Wendel Sloan

Charles Darwin’s 1859 “On the Origin of Species” speculated that species evolve through natural selection. Some Texas legislators want “creationism,” the belief that species were created independently by a supernatural being, to be taught equally with evolution in public school science classes. In honor of Darwin’s 205th birthday on Feb. 12, I asked local anthropologist [...]

Productive year on base’s horizon


The mission at Cannon Air Force Base is critically important to our national security. On a daily basis, we take the fight directly to our nation’s enemies by providing specialized airpower to our joint special operations teammates. To successfully accomplish our mission, it takes a team of dedicated and hard-working individuals. Our 27th Special Operations [...]

America founded on liberty

How much do you love your freedom, and what are you willing to do for liberty? Freedom, to me, is simply doing whatever you want to do. It can be good or bad, depending on your character, but is often neutral. Liberty, though, is the freedom to do absolutely anything that doesn’t violate another person’s [...]

State new-hire screening needs improvement

It’s puzzling that legislative security officials would think a former State Police officer whose police license was revoked and who as a sheriff’s deputy was the subject of an internal investigation after getting into a drunken brawl at a casino would be the right fit as a security guard at the state Capitol. However, Algin [...]

Oil, gas transport is happening, aware or not

In a state where oil and gas revenue accounts for a significant chunk of state government spending and overall economic well-being, it seems churlish to complain about development aimed at facilitating movement of those energy sources. But complain we will, at least a bit, about plans by Pacer Energy Marketing to use property owned by [...]

Best just to argue about foul calls

Wendel Sloan

I asked the Rev. Dag Sewell, a noon-time hoops friend and graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, what seminary students are taught about seeming biblical contradictions. (Google “biblical contradictions.”) One well-known one is in Genesis when light is created on the first day and the sun on the fourth. “Does the Bible [...]

Under the rader, with a few yells

Ned Cantwell

Political blogger Joe Monahan looked to the heavens shortly after the beginning of the legislative session and said, “Thank you, Lord.” Majority Leader Michael Sanchez had just taken to the Senate floor and blasted Monahan, not by name, for sure, but in words that left no doubt who he was talking about. Joe had nagged [...]

PE not only path to physical fitness

New Mexico is wrestling with complicated education issues these days, from social promotions to teacher performance standards and, of course, funding woes. It seems there are no right answers, even within political factions. But it’s hard to imagine anyone would disagree with Senate Bill 122, which would allow school districts to substitute a physical student [...]

Knee-jerk reaction not a solution

Kent McManigal

People frequently do the wrong thing for the right reasons. It is right to care about people who hurt themselves or others through substance abuse. It is wrong to impose prohibition in an attempt to save people from themselves or others. It is right to care about innocent victims of random violence. It is wrong [...]