McManigal: Politicians irrelevant, unnecessary

Many people are terribly obsessed over what a tiny minority of rather unimportant and silly people are doing. It would be funny if it didn’t waste so much life. So much time and space is taken up by the news media discussing them, and so much time is spent by individuals debating which one is […]

McDonald: Contamination deserves discussion

A couple of reports related to Superfund sites in northwestern New Mexico caught my attention last week, in part because of a trip I took to the Navajo Nation and its governmental center, Window Rock, Ariz., where the Navajo Times is headquartered. The Times had a front-page story on contaminated groundwater as a result of […]

Proposal would create largest free-trade area

If there were ever a way devised to promote economic growth, add jobs, expand markets, promote common interests and avert traditional wars without costing taxpayers a penny or adding to budget deficits, the United States should be first in line to embrace it. Senators, are you listening? The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, a proposal born […]

Quote teaches us valuable lesson

Paris Gray isn’t an irresponsible student.   She’s her senior class’ vice president. She didn’t drink and drive and kill somebody. She’s involved in Students Against Drunk Driving and other organizations. Still, the Atlanta student came close this week to being barred from speaking at her high school graduation, because of a yearbook quote. Gray’s yearbook […]

Retirement concepts ‘hybrid’ plan

By Tom Philpott Military Update Current military members and retirees are to be “grandfathered” from any retirement changes that the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission recommends to Congress next February. Current force members shouldn’t let that dampen their interest in the work of the commission or its final recommendations, because any retirement reforms proposed […]

Thunderbirds showcase skills next weekend

The argument, “There’s nothing to do around here,” flies out the window and into the wild blue yonder next weekend. The Thunderbirds are back. Cannon Air Force Base hosts the air demonstration squadron at its open house and air show Saturday and next Sunday. Admission is free. The precision aerobatics begin at 2 p.m. both […]

Grad name game looks into future

Wendel Sloan

By Wendel Sloan Local columnist While thumbing through a commencement program, I wondered if graduates’ names contribute to their fates. Will … Mr. Brake discover the Midas touch? People think Ms. Brillante is just a sarcastic nickname? Mr. Elder become a statesman or dogmatically religious? Ms. Gust become a meteorologist? Mr. Hardwick develop long-lasting candles? […]

Too many turn to politics for “facts”

By Tom McDonald State columnist Last week, the latest report about climate change, the National Climate Assessment, came out and it wasn’t pretty. At least that’s what I heard, since I haven’t read it. Now before you criticize me for not doing my homework, allow me to point out that only a tiny fraction of […]

Doubling school spending won’t help students

Here’s a vital question for every candidate this election season who says New Mexico must increase education spending as the first, best and only way to raise dismal achievement and graduation rates: Are you aware just how much we are spending now to get results that rank near the bottom nationally? New Mexico already spends more […]

Government shouldn’t ID for anything

By Kent McManigal Local columnist The arguments in favor of requiring a photo ID to vote — specifically, I assume, a photo ID issued from some governmental authority — center around the assertion that you don’t want people voting who aren’t entitled to vote. However, if voting is to have any legitimacy, which is highly […]