Oil, gas transport is happening, aware or not

In a state where oil and gas revenue accounts for a significant chunk of state government spending and overall economic well-being, it seems churlish to complain about development aimed at facilitating movement of those energy sources. But complain we will, at least a bit, about plans by Pacer Energy Marketing to use property owned by […]

Best just to argue about foul calls

Wendel Sloan

I asked the Rev. Dag Sewell, a noon-time hoops friend and graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, what seminary students are taught about seeming biblical contradictions. (Google “biblical contradictions.”) One well-known one is in Genesis when light is created on the first day and the sun on the fourth. “Does the Bible […]

Under the rader, with a few yells

Ned Cantwell

Political blogger Joe Monahan looked to the heavens shortly after the beginning of the legislative session and said, “Thank you, Lord.” Majority Leader Michael Sanchez had just taken to the Senate floor and blasted Monahan, not by name, for sure, but in words that left no doubt who he was talking about. Joe had nagged […]

PE not only path to physical fitness

New Mexico is wrestling with complicated education issues these days, from social promotions to teacher performance standards and, of course, funding woes. It seems there are no right answers, even within political factions. But it’s hard to imagine anyone would disagree with Senate Bill 122, which would allow school districts to substitute a physical student […]

Knee-jerk reaction not a solution

Kent McManigal

People frequently do the wrong thing for the right reasons. It is right to care about people who hurt themselves or others through substance abuse. It is wrong to impose prohibition in an attempt to save people from themselves or others. It is right to care about innocent victims of random violence. It is wrong […]

Senators who broke system should fix it

Call Harry Reid a stranglehold of one. Senate Democrats in a supposed effort to end partisan gridlock — with strong support from New Mexico’s own Sens. Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich — pushed through a change in Senate rules, the so-called nuclear option, that stopped filibusters for most presidential nominations by allowing a simple majority […]

Letters to the editor policy

Letters to the editor should be on topics of public interest and no more than 300 words. Private disputes are not acceptable topics for letters. A few other guidelines: • Letters must be original, previously unpublished and written by the person whose name appears with the letter. The writer’s name must be included with the […]

Session too small for governor’s laundry list

An energized Gov. Susana Martinez laid out her priorities for the state of New Mexico last week, summing them up like this: education, jobs and cooperation. It was a less combative Martinez than in past States of the State — a governing official rather than a politician, probably the image she wants going into a […]

Hierarchy of needs? It needs work

Wendel Sloan

Thanks to social media, we need to update Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. Physiological includes air, food and water. Finding healthy food in Portales is my toughest struggle. Safety includes personal and financial security, health and well-being. My biggest threat is opponents’ un-trimmed fingernails in noon-time hoops. Love […]

Education, as always, beats legislation

New Mexico lawmakers are supposed to be focusing on the budget this legislative session, but they always seem to find time to consider new laws to make us all “safer.” One bill they’ll consider, with support from Gov. Susana Martinez, is Senate Bill 19, which would outlaw texting while driving. Of course it’s a bad […]