Right thing not contingent on legality

I may have hinted in the past that I’m not a big fan of voting. I understand the reasoning behind it, and why some liberty advocates still vote, especially in local elections. They argue they are morally responsible for doing all they can to avoid a fight — even when they believe the fight to […]

Professionals should run state’s big show

Did it really take more than two years for the state auditor to figure out Expo New Mexico could use some professional management and oversight — when everyone knew that going in? The State Fair has always been a political plum — the general manager and seven commissioners are appointed by the governor — with […]

NM Constitution should remain basic principles

Con-sti-tu-tion noun 1. a body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is acknowledged to be governed. By definition, a constitution is a set of guiding principles, not a mechanism to get something on the books or a way to do an end-run around a branch of government […]

Getting public pensions in black necessary goal

It will take years of new contributions and benefit schedules to get the state’s public pension programs in the black. But two bills passed into law last year have the programs on track to do just that, and the change has not gone unnoticed at the national level. Moody’s Investor Service is praising the state […]

Words can tell so much, so little

Wendel Sloan

Whether I had 300, 3,000 or 3 million words, it would only scratch life’s surface. In the last photo I took of my mother — with my big-hearted Arkansas cousin Tim and his lovely wife, Ruby — shortly before mother died at 92 in assisted living, deep wrinkles and fragility etched her full-life face. Also […]

Debate? No, we’re just blowing smoke

Ned Cantwell

“Got your bong yet?” Barney asked. I don’t feign total innocence about the world of pot smoking but, on the other hand, I am hazy on the exact nature of what you do with a bong. “Breaking Bad” fans know it is used in some manner for inhaling marijuana. Barney enjoys tweaking irritation and he […]

Commissioner will pray over, fight gay marriage — Letters to the editor

Regarding the Jan. 1 editorial “Public officials could use a few resolutions:” My family went to San Diego to see our son graduate from Marine boot camp. While there, we went to the zoo. That night the zoo was hosting a homosexual pride event and many attendees started showing up about the time we were […]

American power lies in Constitution

Have you been taught, or come to believe on your own, that Romans 13 tells you to obey the government official and all the rules he imposes? If so, you have been tragically misled. In America, the powers that be reside not in any person or group of people, but only in the U.S. Constitution […]

Community can help make our schools safer

We still don’t know details about what caused Tuesday’s tragedy in Roswell. We do know some politicians and other hand-wringers will use the 30th school shooting in about a year to push once more for stricter gun laws or fewer gun laws, or to trumpet plans to arm teachers or step up security in all […]

Education standards destructive

Carol Singletary

We met the other day in the kitchen of a retired teacher — far right, far left, working and retired teachers of all grades. Despite our differences, we all came together for a single purpose: to fight what is happening to public education, particularly the new one-size-fits-all standards, the reliance on high-stakes standardized testing, and […]