Too many turn to politics for “facts”

By Tom McDonald State columnist Last week, the latest report about climate change, the National Climate Assessment, came out and it wasn’t pretty. At least that’s what I heard, since I haven’t read it. Now before you criticize me for not doing my homework, allow me to point out that only a tiny fraction of […]

Doubling school spending won’t help students

Here’s a vital question for every candidate this election season who says New Mexico must increase education spending as the first, best and only way to raise dismal achievement and graduation rates: Are you aware just how much we are spending now to get results that rank near the bottom nationally? New Mexico already spends more […]

Government shouldn’t ID for anything

By Kent McManigal Local columnist The arguments in favor of requiring a photo ID to vote — specifically, I assume, a photo ID issued from some governmental authority — center around the assertion that you don’t want people voting who aren’t entitled to vote. However, if voting is to have any legitimacy, which is highly […]

Karma comes back to you in the end

By Kitsana Dounglomchan Guest columnist My friend Brandon and I are on shift work. Like so many, we earn our pay on weekends and holidays at all times of day. I’m not complaining about this — it’s what I signed up for. But your life can fall into a rut, if you aren’t careful. I […]

Focus on students drives successful education reform

The U.S. House of Representatives, including all of New Mexico’s delegation, has voted to expand a proven education reform that is delivering results in the Land of Enchantment. That reform is charter schools and the U.S. Senate should follow suit rather than depend on a yet-to-be-proposed revamp of the shelved No Child Left Behind Act to […]

‘Commissary issue itself is radioactive’

By Tom Philpott Military Update All seven members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff testified last week on the need to slow growth in military compensation and apply dollars saved to underfunded readiness accounts for training, equipment and spare parts. But their united front for easing current budget burdens cracked over the notion of slashing […]

My version of “Bronc to Breakfast”

By Baxter Black On the edge of common sense “Bronc to Breakfast” is my favorite Charlie Russell painting. The scene represents the typical roundup out west. In the foreground is a campfire with cooking pots and pans on the fire or hanging from the cross bar. A cowboy is sitting with his plate of beans, […]

Official Mother’s Day celebrated for 100 years

We’ve been officially honoring mothers for 100 years. Happy birthday, Mother’s Day. A West Virginia activist — Ann Reeves Jarvis — is generally credited with inspiring the national holiday for which President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation on May 9, 1914. Mother’s Day was initially a day for Americans to display flags in honor of mothers whose […]

Some gifts more appropriate for mom than others

By Wendell Sloan Local columnist With commencement season and Mother’s Day converging, this advice is for new graduates on what gifts are appropriate/inappropriate for Mom: Since you will probably be living with your parents as you work your way up the fast-food chain, the obvious gift would be for you to move out as soon […]

No end to seamy politics in sight

By Ned Cantwell State columnist The New Mexico Democratic gubernatorial primary is so boring I had begun watching Albuquerque police lapel camera reruns. Depressing stuff. So I clicked onto the New Mexico secretary of state website. I am going to share what I learned. Lucky you. This is particularly relevant information because in less than […]