Skinny dipping issue offers chance to teach

The “Most Likely to Skinny Dip” award presented in the Portales High School yearbook a few weeks ago was controversial only in extreme circles. Anyone worried about our children’s morality being reflected in those pages needs a reality check. And a hobby. But the incident has raised an issue dear to our hearts, one that […]

Taking the road more traveled

Leslie “Wildfire” Radford, a 1997 Muleshoe High School graduate, is living my fantasy — exchanging an education career for trucking down the highway. A 2001 graduate from college in Portales, Radford taught first through sixth grades in Texas schools — until becoming fed up. “The parents and administration don’t support teachers,” said the former high […]

Parenting, coaching must be team effort

It’s happening in stadiums all over the country. Football is America’s most popular sport. It’s my favorite sport, too, but that doesn’t mean I can turn a blind eye to the severe health consequences that can happen to those who participate. I played for a while, in my much, much younger years, though I wasn’t […]

Link between first, last on state lists clear

There’s clear correlation between New Mexico ranking at the bottom of some lists and first in others. Because when you are No. 1 in teen births, it makes sense that you are dead last in education performance? (2014 Quality Counts Report) Or 49th in overall children’s well being? (2014 National Kids Count Data Book) Or […]

Staying clear of politics getting hard

By Robert Arrowsmith Publisher You put a frog in water and gradually bring the water to a boil, it will remain. You put a frog in water and heat it right away, it will jump right out. Metaphoric economics at its best. Water prices jumping at a rate nearly the equivalent of another water payment. […]

Border, customs not as nimble as need to be

The U.S.-Mexico border is about 1,933 miles long and, to patrol that border, more than 18,000 agents are assigned to nine sectors. When an immigration hot spot breaks out, as it has in South Texas, the agency’s response is as sluggish as the muddy Rio Grande that defines a long stretch of the border. The […]

Reading gives me such a rush

By Wendel Sloan Local columnist When I occasionally turn off the TV and computer and open a book, a strange jolt surges through my brain. Granted, there are no opera-singing cats, graphics comparing Hillary to Hitler, or a bachelor making out with 25 women on 25 first dates, but the endorphin rush makes electronic entertainment […]

State needs some free enterprise

By Tom McDonald State columnist Blue collar, white collar, it doesn’t matter. They’re both collars. I’m referring, of course, to the workplace, where so many of us are little more than dogs on a leash, going only as far as our masters will let us, digging holes in the yard to bury the bones they […]

Ferguson proof military might not always right

Is anyone surprised that armored tanks and assault rifles have escalated rather than eased confrontations between civilians and police officers? So much for free stuff from the government not having a hidden price tag. This just might be the worst re-gifting idea ever. In the wake of days of violence in Ferguson, Mo., after a […]

Conformity puzzling phenomenon

By Robert Arrowsmith Publisher I’m sorry, but I have to write about this. It was one of the things I noticed last time I was here, and it is blatantly obvious again, but this time in a different form. What is up with all the white SUVs/Crossovers? Last time I was here everyone had a […]

An informed public a safer, saner public

“To mess around with Ebola is an easy way to die.” — Richard Preston, author of “The Hot Zone” Richard Preston’s 1994 non-fiction thriller, “The Hot Zone: A Terrifying True Story,” introduced readers world-wide to the terrors of viral hemorrhagic fevers, particularly the Ebola virus. Preston, a New York writer and brother of Santa Fe […]

Many water opinions, few solutions

By Wendel Sloan Local columnist Robin Fornoff, this newspaper’s projects editor, reported Ogallala Aquifer levels continue dropping in Curry and Roosevelt counties, with 90 percent of the water being used for agriculture. Gayla Brumfield, chair of the Eastern New Mexico Water Utility Authority, told me, “The sustainable piece of our water shortage solution is the […]

Lighter footprint can be left behind

By Tom McDonald State columnist Let’s face it; we’ve really messed up the place. Sure, we take out the trash, but we really don’t get rid of it. We just hide it, and then pretend it’s gone. But not everybody’s pretending. Some people actually pay attention to their mark upon the environment and work to […]

Sometimes keeping the status quo takes a fight

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s descriptions of the struggle women faced in seeking equality were spoken in a soft, hushed tone of voice. Yet every word was audible as the 81-year-old justice relayed stories forged on the front lines of the struggle for equality. She was addressing a packed audience of 350 people at […]

Military in Iraq again ironic

By Robert Arrowsmith Publisher Oh, the irony. I try not to be political in my opinions, and am not going to try to be here, but oh, the irony. We listened for how long to the current administration and the blaming of the former president for what was done in Iraq. Our current president promised […]

Work policies should be set by companies

When you go to urgent care, you should be able to be confident the medical professionals treating you aren’t high. When you drive down the highway, you should expect a truck driver to be sober. A drug-free workplace is what most people expect — including employers. And that’s what Presbyterian Healthcare Services says it is […]

I really don’t understand the animosity

By Wendel Sloan Local columnist Thank you to hometown friend and world-class fisherman Mike Parnell for sharing’s article “Christian Radio Host: Ebola Could Cleanse U.S. of Sluts, Atheists, Gays” about Florida Christian radio host Rick Wiles. Although I don’t understand Rev. Wiles’ animosity toward gays and Atheists, I am confident they can defend themselves. […]

Diversity at heart of good music

By Tom McDonald State columnist “There is geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spacing of the spheres.” — Pythagoras Math, it’s been said, is the language of the universe. But when it comes to the human experience, music is the tie that binds. Several years ago in a visit […]

I’m OK with being called visionary

By Robert Arrowsmith Publisher A few things to know about me: I am about the most even keel person you will ever meet. I hate the use of extreme adjectives. I hate them for one simple reason, and that is I do not believe anyone can back them up. I do not believe anyone is […]

Independent voters deserve primary voice

It’s rare in New Mexico when Democrats and Republicans see eye-to-eye on an issue. So it’s refreshing to see Republican Gov. Susana Martinez support a reasonable plan put forth by two Democrats, Sen. Bill O’Neill and Rep. Emily Kane, that would open up party primaries to independent voters. O’Neill and Kane plan to introduce legislation […]