Prized military discounts at risk

Crowds that shop daily in base commissaries and exchanges perhaps are oblivious to a confluence of forces threatening to dismantle their multi-billion dollar resale systems. Thomas C. Shull, chief executive officer of the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) is not, which helps to explain his March 17 memo proposing a merger of commissaries […]

Mission statement makes IRS stalling more unacceptable

If the Internal Revenue Service was auditing you, and you whined that getting all the documentation agents wanted was too hard and would take you years, what do you think the response would be? Exactly. Yet that’s the game IRS chief John Koskinen is playing with the U.S. House Government Oversight and Reform Committee. Apparently, […]

Real issue? Luxury’s too expensive

Ned Cantwell

My friend Barney from New Jersey has a heart of gold and he would sell it by the ounce. He hobbles to the mailbox to get his disability check each month, all the while muttering how the rest of us need to stop complaining about tough times. Barney drives a 1994 Cadillac Eldorado, just slightly […]

Be it peanuts or trees, local passion shows

Goober Gulch was the good news capital of eastern New Mexico last week. Two of our more precious assets — jobs and trees — appear to have been saved. First came news about Portales’ Sunland peanut processing plant, whose operators filed for bankruptcy last year: The facility is so treasured, a couple of major companies […]

Last days deserve best attention

Wendel Sloan

We can argue about politics, patriotism, science, religion, wars, pop stars, sports heroes, marijuana, immigration, gay marriage, guns, healthcare, climate change, parenting, genetic engineering, employment, minimum wage, taxes, education, social programs … What we can’t argue with is at the end of life, none of it matters. In their final years — whether in nursing […]

Government not so great at spying

Maybe Malaysia Airlines’ missing flight 370 will have been found by the time this gets into print. Or maybe various officials are still saying “we know where it is … we just haven’t physically seen it yet.” Either way, I’m pretty sure the news won’t be good for the families of those missing, whenever it […]

Aggie players mistreated by greedy NCAA

According to a report from Kantar Media in AdWeek, March Madness generates $1 billion in advertising dollars a year, making it “the most lucrative postseason advertising juggernaut.” More lucrative than even “the respective pro playoffs and championship series of the National Football League, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball and National Hockey League,” with spots […]

Legislator does not deserve compensation

I t is right, responsible, and also predictable, that a New Mexico legislator who missed the entire 2014 session has returned his per diem and mileage, nearly $5,100, to the state. After all, Rep. Phillip Archuleta, D-Las Cruces, is seeking re-election this year. And so it is perhaps not surprising that Rep. Ernest Chavez, D-Albuquerque, […]

Sunshine Week serves as celebration, warning

Last week was Sunshine Week, usually described as an annual celebration of open government and the public’s right to know what its lawmakers are doing. But in fact, it’s also a warning. As Americans, we pride ourselves on being blessed with a “government of the people,” but we also know that keeping it that way […]

Vocabulary can always be larger

Although the English language has at least half a million words, we still need new ones to express certain nuances. Here are a few suggestions: Miserpated — Being forced to participate in something that makes us miserable. “I miserpated in attending the opera with her.” Fakepathy — Pretending to have empathy. “She showed great fakepathy about […]

Blocking businesses simply irrational

What if I told you that a business was planning to make close to a billion dollar investment in New Mexico? What if I told you this company is a leader of maybe a potential revolution in automobile fueling and technology and it could help our state make the transition to cleaner, more affordable fuel […]

Time running out to get insurance

The clock is ticking. Thousands of New Mexicans will lose their ability to buy health insurance under the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange (NMHIX) if they fail to enroll by March 31. If they miss this deadline, unless they become covered by an employer or have a life-changing event such as marriage or birth of […]

Supporting liberty not contradictory

What is a quick way to cause confusion? Advocate liberty consistently and watch what happens. I’ll use myself as an illustration: I am a firm believer in the high value of education, therefore I am not a fan of public schooling, nor any schooling based upon the same template. I hate aggressive violence that threatens […]

Wooing Tesla laying foundation for the future

Call it a tale of two tweets. First, the bad news that New Mexico continues to bleed jobs. Retweeted NM Telegram (NMTelegram): “NM only state in the region to lose jobs in 12 months ending on Jan 31.” Then, a happier perspective: Retweeted Susana Martinez 2016 (ReadyForSusana): “Did you know Governor Martinez cut the business […]

People right to be heated on stove rules

A wood stove regulation proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency is generating a heated response from rural residents. Burning wood to heat a home is nothing new — it’s been going on for, oh, thousands of years. Many residents prefer wood because it’s an affordable, available and reliable source of fuel. The EPA isn’t proposing […]

McCaskill bill ignores danger to military victims of sexual assault

The U.S. Senate has spoken — and it was a discouraging word for victims of sexual assault in the military. Earlier this month, the Senate blocked a key measure by requiring 60 votes to get to a floor vote. It received 55. The best of the two bills addressing the role of military commanders in […]

Is fixing defects at start unethical?

In a New York Times blog, Karen Weintraub discussed 13-year-old Alana Saarinen having three biological parents. Sharon and Paul Saarinen provided the egg and sperm, and another woman contributed genes to Alana’s mitochondria — tiny power plants fueling cells. “Mitochondria are minute organelles inside living cells, floating apart from the nucleus in the cytoplasm,” Weintraub […]

Government violating lives is politics

Kent McManigal

I confess: I’m not very interested in politics. So I’m not going to waste much time or effort petitioning government’s representatives and enforcers to respect my life, liberty, and property. Perhaps it’s necessary, as self preservation, to know what politicians are up to. It would also be necessary to know what a wild boar was […]

U.S. cannot afford to let down its guard

“The problem in defense is how far you can go without destroying from within what you are trying to defend from without.” — Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower   Dwight D. Eisenhower may have been the last president who truly understood the role of the military in America. He warned against a military-industrial complex, yet also […]

New SAT practical, won’t penalize guessing

That millstone around high school students’ necks — the college-admission behemoth known as the SAT — is changing. College Board officials announced last week that the test so many high school juniors fear will be fundamentally different starting in 2016. With changes ranging from the selection of vocabulary words to optional essays to the elimination […]